Can you identify fake news sites on Facebook?

Facebook finds a way to spot fake news stories, pages and sites.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks for a long time which makes it the preferred site for those who want to distribute all types of scams and malware. In the last years, Fake news sites on Facebook used to add the great amount of false news and hoaxes that run like the gunpowder through the social network.

Facebook is aware of this problem and is already starting to take action on this issue. So much so, as we have just learned, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is already testing a button to check or identify fake news stories, sites, page on Facebook.

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This is a feature that is still under testing but that everything indicates that very soon could reach the world. Undoubtedly, a function that would appreciate by all Facebook users to be able to identify the false news circulating daily by the social network and end the false bullies.

Start testing a new button to identify fake news stories on Facebook

To do this, Facebook has begun to try a new button that would appear next to the publications of our news page. Touch it, it will open an information panel.

Specifically, the new button would represent by an “i” in a white circle. By touching on it, we will know more information about what we are reading without leaving Facebook.

spot fake news stories on facebook

This additional information will allow us to verify if it is real news or rather is another among all the false news on Facebook. The social network intends to show Wikipedia entries about news editors and other articles related to the publication. In this way, users will have more contexts about the news published on the network.

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All this can help us decide if the site that publishes it or the publisher is a source of renown or is simply a site of recent creation. In addition, information will be displayed on your Facebook page, if you have one, even if it is not from where the link shared.

identify fake sites on facebook

If no Wikipedia page is available then it will indicate in the new information panel. So, it is another clue to doubt the source of the news. A trend information may also appear in the article refers to a topic that is a trend.

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According to a Facebook official, the decision has been taken to use Wikipedia. Because it is a site where any false information is usually controlled and removed in a short time.

Therefore, it seems that soon we could see the new information button “i” next to the publications on our social network news page to help us identify the false news on Facebook.

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