How to view Instagram stories after 24 hours – Recover expired story

A guide to recover private Instagram stories expired after 24 hours, how you can save and view the stories archived on Instagram. Don’t allow your stories erased away. Just change a setting to save it on Instagram archive automatically!

Popular social network Instagram is taking more and more strength by offering latest and useful features to it’s users. For this reason, thousands of Instagram followers grow like wildfire and this has made its functions increase almost daily.

Instagram 24 hours stories is another addition to the showcase of many useful features. Similar like Telegram Self Destruct Message, 24 hours Instagram stories will automatically deleted so that no one can see your post after 24 hours.

Content Summary:
How to recover expired Instagram story?
Step 1: Go to Instagram Profile page
Step 2: Find Story Settings option
Step 3: Find Save to Archive option
Step 4: View Instagram stories on Archive folder

Undoubtedly the story of Instagram is one of the most important features for a number of users. Every day millions of them go up, to show followers what is happening. This content lasts 24 hours and then disappeared forever even for its author.

This initially seemed to attract attention, but with the passage of time people no longer seem so happy with this system. That’s why Instagram developers decided to implement a story archive. In this way, the stories continue to disappear at 24 hours for followers but are stored in a file in the App for the author.

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How to recover expired Instagram story?

You need to enable a simple setting to view Instagram stories after 24 hours. After activating that option, all your 24 hours Instagram stories will automatically stored in Archived folder.

From where you can view it as well as re-share on Instagram again. To configure this and later to be able to visit this file, we have to follow the steps that are detailed below:

Go to Instagram Profile page – Step 1

Open Instagram application installed on your smartphone. Click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of screen similar like below image:

img1 moderate comments on instagram

Find Story Settings option – Step 2

Within Instagram profile page, you should find Three Vertical Dots located on the top right side of the App. and select the menu of the three points. You will find several settings within Options window. From here we have to go to the option “Story Settings” lies below Account section.

Instagram story settings

Find Save to Archive option – Step 3

Story settings option contains several options to customize Instagram story features. To view Instagram histories after 24 hours, you must slide to the right the “Save to Archive” tab like below image:

Instagram save to archive

View Instagram stories on Archive folder – Step 4

Once we have configured this, we can see our Instagram story files. To do this we have to place ourselves on the home screen of our account and we must click on the icon of the clock located at the top of the App. Instagram Archive will load where we can hide Instagram stories, photos from friends and follower without deleting permanently too.

view Instagram archive photos

Automatically we see that a new screen where all our stories appear since we’ve set this option opens. If we click on each of them, we can see them.

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In this way, we will have access to all those stories that we upload to our Instagram account. Remember that you can also select different stories to appear as highlighted in your profile.

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