How to use Instagram as a professional influencer

how to use instagram professionally

Instagram is the social network that best surfs on the crest of the wave and far from getting off, its ascent is unstoppable. If you want to use your account as a professional influencers do, we tell you all the keys.

Today, there is no established brand, professional or influencer that boasts that it lacks presence in social networks, especially Instagram, consecrated as the queen of the party and whose popular Stories already add more than 150 million users. In total, the platform, now owned by the Zuckerberg, holds 800 active monthly users.

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If you want to work your personal brand, boost your online store or make a hole as micro influencers on Instagram, achieving a strong community of followers at your feet, generating viral content and receiving hundreds of positive interactions, you must follow a series of essential steps. We tell you below.

Fundamental steps to grow professionallity on Instagram

Do your research:

It is essential that you research around your niche in order to offer an optimal experience to your audience and gain credibility. You must know who you are targeting, explore all the important accounts in the segment and take note of the content, hashtags and trends of the most successful publications.

Produce content that solves problems and adds value:

The participation and the quality and quantity of interactions in proportion to your followers will help you to know if the content you publish is useful. You should bear in mind that people try to live indirectly through the accounts that follow on Instagram, so publications must capture a lifestyle, not a mere product. Generating emotions is essential: for example, travel content catalyzes the desire to explore new places and cultures.

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Create your network:

To build your community, you need to connect with other influential brands and prominent professionals in the social network. The collaborations with other Instagram accounts in your sector – be it the textile, the gastronomic, the tourist, the cosmetics – will greatly help you grow and gain visibility. It is essential that you access accounts with an audience size similar to yours and that you provide mutual value. It is also important to look for indirect competitors.

Take advantage of trends and viral news:

The raging news should always be in your sights, so you can be in tune with the latest trends and take advantage of the attention they are receiving. Check periodically which hashtags are trending in the Instagram search, both in your industry and in general to add them to your content.

How to upload full size photo on Instagram without cropping?

Daily update:

Unless you are already a celebrity with a base of thousands of followers, you need perseverance and perseverance when publishing to take off and keep growing. Since you can not schedule publications in advance on Instagram -as it is possible on other social networks such as WhatsApp schedulerFacebook, use Buffer or Hoosuitte to set up reminders and prepare a weekly content plan with varied proposals for each day. Do not forget a good photographic edition.

Test and iteration:

The trial and error formula never fails to determine which are the best content types based on performance. Try a variety of formats, analyze the statistics, track the commitment – comments, likes and followers – and the shared content. You can also place ads on Instagram to get interaction of new users.

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