How to use google chrome remote desktop app for android phone

This guide shows a method to access your computer remotely using Google chrome remote desktop app for android and using Google Chrome browser remote desktop extension.

The Remote Desktop of Chrome is very easy to use and in a matter of seconds, we will be controlling our PC from the comfort that has the touchscreen of our smartphone. An extension available in Chrome and that we will teach you how to use to take full control of your PC remotely.

That said, it is very clear that to be able to use the Chrome Remote Desktop you have to go through the web browser installation par excellence; updated conveniently every little to access the latest improvements in terms of performance and news.

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Requirements to set up remote access between Android phone and PC:

Have a look all the requirements you need to have before proceeding to details articles:

  1. Computer
  2. Android Phone
  3. Internet connection on both PC and Android phone for installing one extension and app
  4. Google Chrome browser installed on your PC
  5. Email account

Important Note: You must have same email account signed in with Google chrome browser and Google Play Store.

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop android app and browser extension?

The first thing we are going to install is the Remote Desktop extension of Chrome, and then activate it and go to our smartphone and download the same app in Google Play Store, but for Android.

Configuring Computer:

Download and install google chrome browser on your PC – Step 1

We need to install the Chrome web browser on our computer. Are you using others browser except Google Chrome? You should check the statistics and study on most secure browser on 2017. You can download Google Chrome browser from the following link:

Google Chrome Browser

Once the installation completed, you need to run the browser and sign in with one email account which will be the same email account used in your Google Play Store app on Android phone.

Install chrome remote desktop extension – Step 2

Once Chrome is installed, it’s time to install Chrome’s Remote Desktop extension. We are directed from this same link in the browser:

The extension window appears and we need to click on ADD TO CHROME >> ADD APP to install the application in our Google Chrome browser.

chrome remote desktop extension

Access chrome remote desktop extension – Step 3

As soon as download completed ADD TO CHROME option will turn into Lunch App and a newer tab will open with url address chrome://apps . You can access google chrome remote desktop extension in both ways. A newer windows will appear where you need to configure the extension settings.

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Setup chrome remote desktop extension – Step 4

We will go through some windows where we have to give permission to the Google email account that we use in Chrome as it must be the same one that we use in the Android phone where we will install the app from Google Play.

As you want remote access to your computer from your android app, you need to click on “Get Started” button under My computers section.

set up chrome remote desktop extension

Enable Remote Connections” to enable your PC for remote access from your android phone.

Now you need to provide 6 digit pin number twice to enable secure connection between your android phone and PC. This remote PIN code requires to input within your android remote desktop application. Finally, click on OK button.

setup remote connection pin

You’ve done all the setup on your computer required to enable remote connection. It’s time to setting up your android phone.

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Configuring Android phone:

Install Chrome Desktop Android App – Step 1

Now is the time for the installation of the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your phone. You can easily find it from Google play store by searching the term “chrome remote desktop” or you can simply click on Download button from below link:

Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Set up remote desktop android app –  Step 2

After installation is completed, open the app. Once the app starts, you’ll see the computer name as host which is eligible for remote connection associated with same email account.

Setup remote desktop android app

Enter remote access PIN code – Step 3

Once, click on the computer name, it will ask us for the remote PIN code that we have previously provided on chrome remote desktop extension. We will have to enter a remote code with which we can log in from the mobile.

Enter remote access PIN code

We will have ready the Remote Desktop of Google with which we can connect remotely from the mobile with all the comfort of the world.

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