How to upload YouTube video on WhatsApp

How to upload Youtube video on WhatsApp

In this tutorial, we explain how to upload YouTube video on WhatsApp status from Android or iPhone mobile phones.

WhatsApp is an essential application in most phones. With a number of functions that are updated very quickly, this App has won the hearts of millions of users, although it has also brought certain complaints about security and data privacy issues. Even so, communicating through your chats or video calls is a basis for many of us.

In a world in which WhatsApp is one of our main modes of communication, everything that we publish in our account as the status, the profile picture or the 24 hours status seems to be a representation of us.

In the case that you are tired of always seeing photos and in this case you want to be more original, then we tell you how to send YouTube video to WhatsApp status.

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Download YouTube video to sent on WhatsApp | Step 1

The first thing we have to do is download the YouTube video. For this, we must follow a series of steps that are explained in the tutorial that we explain below.


How to download YouTube videos on Android


Without jailbreak download YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad

Enter WhatsApp to upload YouTube video | Step 2

Once we have the video downloaded to our phone, we can proceed to publish it in our WhatsApp status. For this, we enter the WhatsApp App and select “My status” to upload YouTube videos on WhatsApp.

Select YouTube Video to Upload on WhatsApp

Select portion of video | Step 3

Now is the time to select the video that we have downloaded to our phone. We will see that WhatsApp only lets you upload videos of a maximum duration of 30 seconds. We have to select that part that we like the most and that we want to publish.

Upload YouTube Video to WhatsApp

In the case that we want to publish more parts of the video, we can do it in several statuses.

To select a 30 seconds frame, you just need to move the box with two dots across the video frame. You can play that portion of the video to check whether the selection is right or not by pressing the play button of video.

Upload YouTube Video on WhatsApp Status | Step 4

Once you’ve completed selection and cropping of video, you can now add a caption to your post and finally click on the send button. The video will immediately start to upload to your WhatsApp status. That’s all!

This way we will be able to upload videos and audio from YouTube to the WhatsApp status. Remember that if you like this to be original, you also have the possibility of uploading holograms to your status.

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