How to upload YouTube video on WhatsApp

The ultimate guide to send any YouTube videos on WhatsApp to your friends on both Android and iPhone smartphone. No need to install additional apps, just few steps away.

WhatsApp is an essential most used application in most smartphone phones. With a number of functions that are updated frequently, has won the hearts of millions of users.

Though it has also brought certain complaints about security and data privacy issues.

The main goal of WhatsApp is to ease the method of communication via chats or video calls.

How to send uncompressed photos via WhatsApp?

By the time, WhatsApp introduced some key feature which are not supposed to use for communication like 24 hours Status, sending GPS location, upload Hologram, etc.

Step by step guide to upload YouTube videos on WhatsApp

Uploading YouTube video into WhatsApp chat is the new features. Read our tutorial to learn How to send YouTube video to WhatsApp status.

Time needed: 3 minutes

Here are those 5 simple steps to upload YouTube Videos or Audios on WhatsApp:

  1. Download YouTube video to sent on WhatsApp

    First thing first. Your phone must have the video which you want to share. As we are talking about YouTube, you have to download the YouTube video.

    Don’t know how to do it. Follow simple tutorials to download YouTube videos on Android, And to download YouTube Videos on iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking.
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  2. Open WhatsApp

    After successful download of desired YouTube videos, you are ready for next steps. Open WhatsApp and select My status.Select YouTube Video to Upload on WhatsApp

  3. Enter WhatsApp to upload YouTube video

    Finally It’s time to select the video that you have downloaded to your phone.

    By the way, WhatsApp only allows you to upload video with maximum 30 seconds duration.

    Therefore you need to selectively crop the video that you want to publish in WhatsApp status.

    In order to select a 30 seconds frame, you just need to move the box with two dots across the video frame.

    Finally You can play that portion of the video be uploading to check whether the selection is ok or not, by pressing the play button.

    Image explain on how to crop video to share on WhatsApp status

  4. Can you upload video longer than 30 sec in WhatsApp status?

    If you want to publish more portions of that video, you need to do in several statuses. There are no alternatives.

  5. Upload YouTube Video on WhatsApp Status

    Once you’ve completed selection and cropping of video, you can now add a caption to your post.

    Finally click on the Send button. The video will immediately start to upload to your WhatsApp status. Insert Video Caption and Press Send Button

These are the 5 simple steps to upload YouTube videos on WhatsApp status. Firstly, you need to download the videos you want to upload. Secondly, open WhatsApp to select Status option. Finally you need to crop the video to select 30sec from it and upload. That’s all!

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