How to turn off Instagram IGTV video notifications

The tutorial to deactivate Instagram IGTV notifications when your followers publish a new video on Instagram IGTV.

The possibility of being able to upload videos of greater duration to the new platform created by Instagram that has been called IGTV has revolutionized its followers.

Undoubtedly the developers of the App have gotten to work and have seen the market in the consumption of videos, so they have not wanted to lose the opportunity to create a channel within their platform.

IGTV is a great competitor to YouTube since many of the fans of the social network, have begun to upload content and the number of videos that you can find in IGTV increases as the foam.

How to turn off notifications on Instagram

The problem with all this is every time a person you follow publishes a video, you received a notification to inform us of this. This can be annoying if notifications about it are frequent.

That is why below I show you how to disable the notifications of a video on the Instagram channel with a few simple steps.

Find Instagram Menu – Step 1

Instagram Menu


Firstly you have to enter your Instagram account profile view. In the upper right corner, you will find a menu represented by three dots or three horizontal bars.

Find Instagram Setting – Step 2

Instagram setting

As soon as you click on the menu bars, a sliding window containing the “Settings” option will appear. Now you need to click on it.

Find Push Notifications Setting – Step 3

Access Instagram Push Notifications

Inside Settings, you have to scroll down until you find the option “Push notifications”.

Find IGTV Video Updates Setting – Step 4

Finally, you are inside the “Push notifications” screen. Again scroll down to the end. You will find a section where it says “IGTV Video Updates“.

Stop IGTV Push Notification

Here you will find three options:

  1. Off – To disable all Instagram IGTV push notifications.
  2. From People I Follow – To disable IGTV push notifications from Instagram users you don’t follow.
  3. From Everyone – Means IGTV push notifications activated. You will get every notification of Instagram IGTV.

Here our objective is to deactivate push notification of Instagram IGTV.

Thus you need to select the first option to turn off Instagram IGTV video notifications of the people that you follow or of all in general.

This way you will no longer receive notifications of new Instagram IGTV video upload.


To see the new videos, just enter IGTV and select the "Following" tab to watch the new updates from your friends.

In the case that you want to receive this type of notification again, it is enough to repeat the same process but selecting what you want among two options to activate notifications.

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