How to talk privately with my Instagram friends

Send direct message on Instagram to talk with your friends privately.

Instagram has become one of our favorite social networks, allowing us to take and enjoy photos with their emblematic vintage filters, thus accessing a much more visual and entertaining world.

Of course, as a good social network, the contact between us and our friends or followers is very important, so the latest updates of this app also allow the sending of direct messages and even photographs between users, without these conversations being public policies. Want to know how to speak privately with your friends on Instagram? keep reading because in Msntechblog we explain it to you.

How to make your Instagram account private?

Instructions to send private Instagram message:

At the beginning of Instagram was necessary to download an application to be able to talk directly with our friends in this social network, however the arrival of direct messages has changed everything, and now we can communicate privately with the contact we want, send photos and have fun without having to use any other third party application.

How to do it? Read on and find out.

1) To start logging into your Instagram account, once inside you will have to press the icon that is in the upper corner of your timeline, it will take you to the direct message zone quickly.

2) You will be taken to the direct message area and you will be able to see any conversation or chat you have had in the past. But if the goal is to talk privately with your Instagram friends, then you must press the plus icon located in the upper right corner, where you can create a new chat or conversation.


3) In the space that says To, you must place the user name or the name of the registered person in Instagram with which you want to speak by private. You can chat with as many users as you want, the perfect opportunity to chat with friends and have a great time completely private.

4) In addition, you can also send images, just press the camera icon in the lower left corner. You can take a photo at the moment or access any image you have reserved in your gallery or camera. The fun will never end!

Speaking privately with my Instagram friends is quick and easy, but it’s not the only thing we teach you about this app, and we invite you to discover:

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