How to send WhatsApp self-destruct message?

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This guide shows a method to send a self-destructing message on WhatsApp, a message which will be deleted automatically after expiration of the time set before sending.

I used to watch self-destruction message, email or videos in Hollywood detective movie scene. Now you can send a timed message, which will expire and deleted as soon as the reader read it, via messaging app.

Telegram is the messaging app introduces self-destructive message first. Now you can also send a self-destructing message on WhatsApp using, as usual, third-party apps. Though Telegram allows you to create “secret chats”, whose messages are deleted in a certain amount of time by default. This is very useful if we are going to have delicate conversations or share compromising images.

Well, today we will teach you to send WhatsApp messages that self-destruct through a specialized app. A very useful trick!

This function is not available in WhatsApp by default but, when we use the Kaboom app, it will create a unique link with which to send a text message, an image or a sound clip.

WhatsApp already lets you listen to voice notes before sending them

This link can be seen by any user of WhatsApp in the web browser, even if Kaboom is not installed, but it expires in a while and then it will no longer be possible to access the content. We can choose a personalized time frame, from a few minutes to a year.

Send a disappearing or self-destructing message on WhatsApp

Here I will use Kaboom android app to send a temporary message on WhatsApp. Though this article discusses the application of Kaboom app only for WhatsApp, you can also send disappearing messages that self-destruct on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email.

Kaboom always creates a link to an external page and post it within WhatsApp chat. So it is an interesting and comfortable service.

Install Kaboom app on your Android or iPhone – Step 1

You need to install the Kaboom app at first. You can directly go to the Android Play Store or iTunes App Store and search by typing keyword “Kaboom” to find it.

If you want to download Kaboom for free, we leave you the links you need to the official Android and iOS stores. Here are the links:

Download Kaboom for Android

Download Kaboom for iPhone / iPad

Open Kaboom apps – Step 2

Open Kaboom apps and enter your profile name. Allow Kaboom to access your camera for capturing photo videos and allow access media files from gallery. You can do this by the following method:

  • Open android phone settings by clicking the gear icon.
  • Go to Apps section and find out Kaboom app within all apps list.
  • Click on the apps permission section.
  • Now allow access by tapping the toggle button.

You’ve completed permission setting for Kaboom android apps.

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Video of the complete procedure:

Send a temporary message – Step 3

Again open Kaboom application and you’ll see that the apps load your camera app. Now you can send photos and videos directly from this app.

  • As you want to send a text message, slides to right and you will find that option.
  • Type your text and set the timer by clicking on the stopwatch button. You can set 5 parameters there: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, View.
  • Click on the send button on the top right corner. Finally chose where you want to send a message: WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • As you want to send a self-destructing message on WhatsApp, select it to open your WhatsApp application.
  • Now select your WhatsApp contact to which you want to send a self-destructive message. Press on the send button and a link containing your message will be posted.
  • Whenever your contact clicks on the message, your message will load as soon as the timer will show how much time remains to delete it. Whenever the timer reaches zero, your message will be deleted.

Although Kaboom allows you to send WhatsApp messages that self-destruct, we must be careful. Anyone could take a screenshot of text messages or photographs.

Also, if we pass illegal content, I am sure that Kaboom will be able to locate these messages before a judicial request.

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So you know how to send WhatsApp messages that self-destruct, something that can be useful if a night out we take pictures in which our reputation does not go very well stop.

Of course, Kaboom is a great idea and, in addition, it sends messages using the WhatsApp app directly, so it does not violate its conditions and will not cause us to suspend the account.

What do you think of Kaboom? Do you find it an interesting app, or do you not have to send WhatsApp messages that self-destruct?

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