How to send location on whatsapp?

Send location via WhatsApp: easily share real-time location on WhatsApp friends.

For months we have known that WhatsApp will allow you to share your location in real time. Today, through the latest Beta for Android, the company has allowed some users, selectively, to make use of this new functionality. A tool that comes shortly after Telegram officially presented a virtually identical function to send location on WhatsApp.

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For some time, WhatsApp allows us to send location on WhatsApp chats or groups with our contacts. However, the function is limited to a particular geographic location. That is about to change as the company behind the development of the instant messaging application has just randomly activated some Android users who enjoy the beta app in the rumored option to share location on WhatsApp real time.

Option to send location on WhatsApp: real-time location

As detailed in our MsnTechBlog companions, WhatsApp Beta already allows a few users to test real-time location sharing. A tool that does not differ in practically anything to the improvement added by Telegram in version 4.4. And is that from now on, the user will have the option to choose two ways to share their location. The standard option is maintained, which sends the exact location of the user.

The great news of the latest Beta with version 2.17.379 is that the menu from which we can share location allows us to select the option to share our position in real time. It has a section that allows selecting the time along which it is possible that the contacts to which we send previously the position are informed of the changes of position.

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This way, the option to share real-time location with WhatsApp can be especially interesting, for example, in situations where we are in a group and someone is delayed, without specifying this at the time that can be joined. With one of the members of the group sending the location in real time, the straggler can always know where the group is, even if you have moved the place after sending the position by WhatsApp.

As specified through WaBetaInfo, this option is being randomly activated for a few Android users with the latest Beta version of the app installed on their smartphones. Similarly, it is specified that iOS users have also begun receiving this function.

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