How to send empty message on WhatsApp

In this tutorial, we explain how you can send without showing anything and that it is empty from WhatsApp.

The instant messaging application such as WhatsApp does not stop receiving updates and include news so that its millions of users remain loyal to the platform.

Every day thousands of users search how to perform different actions within the application, as well as how to solve different problems.

Even though this App seems to be known all over the world, there are still many hidden functions or tricks for many users.

Among them, we find the possibility of sending a blank message to a certain contact.

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This can be useful in those cases where we want to check when someone connects to the application, to spend a joke or other things.

Here’s MsnTechBlog brings “how to send an empty message on WhatsApp” so you can start using this trick as soon as possible.

How to send empty message to WhatsApp contact?

Time needed: 7 minutes

Sending empty message on WhatsApp conversation requires an additional application, called Empty Text Android App

Empty Text!  - Send Blank mess
Empty Text!  - Send Blank mess
Developer: IR Labs
Price: Free

Follow our guide to find out how do you download, install and configure Empty Text Android App to send empty message on WhatsApp.

  1. Download and Install empty WhatsApp message Android App

    The first thing you should do is download the following application. It is completely free and we can find it in the Play Store.
    Empty Text Android App WhatsApp

  2. Choose Either Character or Rows

    We will see an empty field described as No. of blank characters. You have two options.

    You can either send fixed amount of empty Characters or fixed amount of Rows. You need to select your desired option. I recommend to use Rows.
    Empty Text UI

  3. Create Empty Text Message

    Enter number of Empty Rows you want to send and then tap on GENERATE.
    Type Empty Row Number

  4. Tap Send Icon

    Now, you need to tap Send icon to do some further configuration.Displaying Send Button

  5. Select Send Option

    Then, You will have three options: Send empty text to unknown unsaved number, Copy to the clipboard, and Send to WhatsApp contact.
    Select Send Option

  6. Choose WhatsApp Option

    You can send empty text on different messenger apps like, Telegram, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, etc. As we are writing about sending empty text message on WhatsApp, select it.
    Chose WhatsApp Apps

  7. Choose WhatsApp Contact

    It will bring you to the WhatsApp apps. Select your WhatsApp contact to whom you want to send Empty Text.
    Select WhatsApp Contact

  8. Tap WhatsApp Send Icon

    After selecting all the desired WhatsApp contacts, you need to click on the Send button again.
    Click WhatsApp Send Button

  9. Result

    The empty message should appear like below image. You can increase the size by changing number of Rows and Characters. Display of Empty Message on WhatsApp

In this way, we will be able to send empty message from WhatsApp in a simple way.

WhatsApp Empty Message FAQ

What will happen after WhatsApp contact read Empty Text Message?

A totally blank empty message will appear. As soon as the person reads it, the blue check will appear to you. You may not seen the blue checks marks, if the person read the message without knowing anybody.

Are there any limit of empty message size?

Practically No.

Can I send empty message to unknown WhatsApp number?

Yes. There is a option to send direct message to unknown WhatsApp number.
Send Empty Message to Unknown WhatsApp Contact

Do I need to perform all steps again to send the same message another time?

No, You can absolutely escape most of all those steps. Just you need to copy the message for another time use.

Can I send Empty Message to WhatsApp Group conversation?

Yes. You need to select group instead of individual contact.

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Note: From now on we can copy that message and resend it without using the Empty App, so you can delete it if you want.

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