How to search for someone on Tinder – Find out Tinder profile

Search for someone on Tinder

Can you search for someone on Tinder?

Where there is relationship, there must doubt deep in your heart. Today, it is very common that we use social networks to meet and interact with people and, by the way, try to find a partner online. One of the most used web applications in recent years to meet people is Tinder, a social network that has the reputation of being a kind of tool that allows us to connect with people from the couch in our house, sometimes even to have a small adventure through the network without our partner finding out.

You can search for someone on Tinder and get close to another person very easily using your computer and smartphone which in turn creates so much social problems.

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If for some time, you suspect that your partner may be putting your horns through the internet. Several questions cross your mind like is my husband on tinder, is my boyfriend on tinder, is my girlfriend on tinder, etc. Are you searching for a way to find out who is on tinder? In the following article of MsnTechBlog we will help you how to search for someone on Tinder using two very simple methods.

Keep reading these lines to search for someone on Tinder to catch boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or someone specific on Tinder.

How to find someone on Tinder from Facebook using GPS for free?

Tinder is an application that is usually used to link and have appointments with new people, so a person with a partner should not be on a social network with these characteristics. If you suspect that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating you through this app, you can leave doubts if you follow the next step by step:

  1. Download the application on your Smartphone either from Play Store, App Store or Windows Phone Store, depending on the operating system used by your phone.
  2. Enter the application with your mobile and register using Facebook. It is important that you do so, since Tinder connects to this social network and, therefore, it will allow you to see if the people who will appear to you have friends in common with you. Do not worry about your confidentiality, since Tinder will not publish anything on Facebook about your use.
  3. Once registered, Tinder will begin to show you random profiles of people. Either you can chat with them if you give a green heart or discard that person if you click on the X. Therefore, you will have to go through profiles to search your partner, if you are using the app.
  4. To narrow your search and make it easier to find your boyfriend/girlfriend, we recommend you to change the distance parameters. To do this, you just have to find Settings menu within the app and change the distance between 1 and 5 kilometers.
  5. In this way, if your partner lives very close to you or even in the same house as you, it will be a matter of time before your profile appears if it is inside Tinder.

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How to find out if someone has a tinder profile using Swipe Buster?

Do you still suspect that your partner may use Tinder? There is an alternative way to find out easily which is called SwipeBuster.

SwipeBuster is a website also known as “The Tinder Sneak” because it lets you know if your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating you through this app paying a very affordable price of around 4 euros. If you have made your decision that you want to use, you just need to fill out a form where you have to type the full name of the person you want to search, location or city where he now lives, age and gender.

Once you have submitted the form and you’ve made a payment, SwipBuster will send to the email you have indicated in the questionnaire data has found. In case you have located your partner in Tinder, he will send you a complete report of his activity: detailed profile information, photographs used by the user, last connection time and even the interests that have been marked in the application.

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Though it does not stop working as a spy, you should not worry about violating any privacy rule. Since the creators of SwipeBuster ensure that the data collection they do is done through the Tinder programming interface, a tool that It is public and, therefore, it is within the reach of any person.

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