How to save Instagram story without taking screenshot

We explain how to privately download the photos, videos or stories of those people you follow on Instagram regardless of whether the account is private or not. You can also search any Instagram account and download their Instagram photos and videos without taking a screenshot as well as without knowing the Instagram contact.

When we are dizzy by Instagram, it is possible that on some occasion and for some reason, you have wanted to save an image of another account. Generally, when this has happened, we have made a screenshot and in this way, we have stored it on our phone.

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However, it seems that from now on we have to be careful as it seems that the Instagram users have taken more seriously the privacy of the users and will enter a notification every time someone does a screenshot in some history.

At the moment it does not seem that this notification appears when taking screenshots in the photos of the accounts, but how you never know. Here we explain how to download photos or stories easily on Instagram without screenshots and without the user being notified.

Requirements to save Instagram story, photos, videos without taking screenshot:

The first thing we must do is download the FastSave application from Play Store. Once we have downloaded it to our phone, we have to access the App. We have two options. One is to access without logging into our account, and the other by registering with our login.

Fast Save for Instagram
Fast Save for Instagram
Developer: FastSave Studio
Price: Free+

In the event that we want to download photos or contact stories that follow us but have your private account, we must access with our username and password.

FastSave Instagram story download app

How to download Instagram stories without taking screenshot?

Here you will find how do you download any Instagram stories without taking screenshot. You may know that Instagram informs the owner of the story as soon as you take a screenshot of their photos or videos. Thus it is important to know how do you save Instagram 24 hours stories with knowing users. Let’s start!

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Step 1

Now that we are registered in the App, we will see in the upper part the contacts we have and that have stories 24 hours in the social network at that time.

Download Instagram Stories without screenshot step 1

Step 2

We enter into the story from which we want to capture, and we will see that a download symbol appears at the bottom.

Download Instagram Stories without screenshot step 2

Step 3

Once we click on it, we will see that a notification appears that it has been saved.

Download Instagram Stories without screenshot step 3

Step 4

Now we can access this content, selecting the symbol of the folder that we find in the upper right part of the App.

Download Instagram Stories without screenshot step 4

Step 5

In this section, we will see all the photos and videos that we have saved.

Download Instagram Stories without screenshot Step 5

How to download Instagram photos or videos without taking screenshot?

Here you will discover secret guide to download any Instagram user photos and videos uploaded by their Instagram status. Just you need to perform a search, select the user, browser their uploaded photos and videos, click on download. That’s all!

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Step 1

Once we have logged in, we will see all the images of the different accounts that we follow on Instagram. We can also use the search engine to find the contact from which we want to download the photo.

Download Instagram Stories without screenshot step 6

Step 2

Now what we have to do is click on the photo. Once inside, we have to select the download symbol located at the bottom.

Step 3

Once we have selected it, we will see that the photo has been saved in our gallery.

Download Instagram Stories without screenshot Step7

Step 4

Finally, to access, we must follow the steps as in the previous section. Click on the download folder and we will see all these images.

Hopefully, you can achieve the goal to save any Instagram 24 hours story without taking screenshot using your smartphone. You’ve discussed every possible way to download anything on Instagram social media. However, if you face any difficulties, no matter what kind, feel free to contact us via the comment section.

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