How to save battery on my iPhone from draining fast

Tips to save iPhone battery from draining too fast.

Third generation mobiles like the iPhone have much functionality: GPS, applications, email, etc. But this multiplicity of functions endows the phone with infinite possibilities, but it forces to be always near the plug. The normal battery life of the iPhone is one day but with the battery saving measures, you can get to double the duration. Listed below are a number of battery-saving instructions with an iPhone.

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The requirement needs to save iPhone battery more:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone charger

Instructions to save iPhone battery:

  1. Choose the network protocol correctly. It is not the same to navigate the 2G data network than to do it by GPRS. It is even consumed even more if 3G network protocols is used, in some areas 3G coverage may be poor and it will not be worth having it activated. If the phone allows it, it is convenient to deactivate it and use the GSM or GPRS network by default.
  2. Wi-Fi consumes more battery, it is recommended that when you find a Wi-Fi network, you connect to the network, download everything you have to download and close the Wi-Fi again, and this will help you to save the battery from your iPhone.
  3. Do not use Bluetooth too much. Don’t keep it turning on all the time. Whenever a transfer of files completes turn it off immediately. Because Bluetooth is the device that consumes the most iPhone battery.
  4. All the applications or functionalities related to Geo-location consume a lot of battery. Turn Geo-location off.
  5. The instant messaging, type: WhatsApp, eBuddy, messenger, etc. Consume enough battery; to the extent possible rationalize its use.
  6. Make the query of the email through the web service. The “mail push” services, which periodically download the mail that arrives at the web page of the user service, have high energy consumption. It is best to deactivate them or fix the discharge period in several hours.
  7. The screen, turn it always off. Whenever you finish using your iPhone turn off the screen so that it consumes less power.
  8. Reduce the brightness of the screen; it is not necessary to use the maximum contrast to be able to read your iPhone correctly.
  9. Adjust the sound. It is not always necessary to have the volume too high. A half-tone conversation, if you are in a quiet place, distorts the voiceless and saves the battery.
  10. Use energy-saving applications such as Redsnow.
  11. Avoid vibration modes. They can be useful in meetings or in the movies, but they are an important consumption if the phone rings.
  12. Use your iPhone, at night if you can, it will allow you to have more hours on your mobile phone.

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  • It is recommended that you do not have your iPhone connected if it is already full.
  • It is important to consume the battery and then charge it to 100%

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