How to save battery on iPad from draining too fast: 15 essential tricks

The battery of the iPad is excellent – not in vain, Apple ensures up to 10 hours of intensive use in all versions. But, like everything in life, over time it deteriorates. Do you want to know how to save battery on iPad? Here you have 15 essential tips and tricks that will help you to make the battery last longer.

Top 15 tips to save battery on iPad:

Abruptly using any device usually degrades it’s performance with time whatever the brands is. However the main points is how much later it occurs. If you are using iPad from Apple, it’s battery will also degrade and reduce lifespan with time.

If you are a victim of loosing battery life too fast, here we are mentioning 15 great tips to save battery on iPad. These are:

Use minimum screen brightness

The iPad screen has a powerful brightness. But if you want to maximize the battery life of your device it is advisable that you set the brightness of the screen in half. Your eyes and the battery of your tablet will thank you.

Prefer WiFi network

As WiFi network consumes less battery than mobile network, connect to WiFi whenever possible.

Also, turn off Bluetooth if you are not going to use it. In this sense, beyond being an advice to extend the life of the battery, it is also a safety measure.

How to save battery on my iPhone from draining fast?

Push notifications

Push notifications consume a lot of battery. Our advice: check your applications and select which ones should have push notifications -because they are essential for you- and which ones you can obviate as a push.

Control of applications

Control the use you make of your applications. Lends, for example, special attention to games, as they prevent the screen of the tablet is blocked, consuming battery.

Date and Time

Date setting to save battery on iPad

Are you an inveterate traveler? If it is not, d disables the automatic date and time settings, since you will not need them if you always stay in the same place.

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Airplane mode in areas with little coverage

This will prevent the device from constantly trying to locate a network, with what it spends in vain battery that you could be saving.

Let it lock automatically

Obviously, the sooner your iPad crashes, the less battery it will consume. To modify the automatic blocking frequency, we must go to Settings> General> Automatic blocking.

Check the iCloud

iCloud, Apple’s storage service in the cloud, is installed and activated by default on the iPad. Many of its features consume a lot of battery. Therefore, the best thing you can do is review and customize it according to your needs, deactivating those you do not need.

Use headphones

The speakers are components that consume enough battery. Therefore, it is advisable to use headphones whenever possible, which will save you enough battery.

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Use only your main email

Email setting to save battery on iPad

Activate only your primary email account on your tablet, as the more email accounts you activate, the faster your iPad’s battery runs out. This is especially recommended if you must be always connected for work or study purposes, for example.

Keep the OS updated

This is a good habit, not only to benefit from improvements in the overall system but also to optimize the performance of the iPad’s battery. And doing it cannot be simpler: the system usually alerts us by means of a notification, almost at the moment, when Apple releases new iOS updates, which we must install immediately.

Limit location services

Location services are very useful in certain apps, but require the use of various components, such as mobile data connection, the integrated GPS system, and WiFi, if activated. All this causes the battery of our device to be significantly reduced. Therefore, if you want to extend the battery of your iPad, a good formula is to deactivate the location option whenever you do not use it.

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Do not expose your iPad to extreme temperatures

Save iPad from high temperature

As with all electronic devices, the ideal temperature for iPad is 22 ° C. This temperature ensures the good conservation of the equipment and, especially, of its battery. Thus, avoid extreme temperatures, both cold, and heat.

Take care of the battery

Thanks to the polymer battery of the iPad, it can be charged when you still have 50% of the charge. In spite of that, the most recommendable thing is that, at least once a month, upload your tablet to 100% and wait until it is completely downloaded before loading it again. In this way, we will help calibrate the battery and preserve its durability.

Restore the device and start from 0

Okay, It may seem extreme. But in many cases solves the problems of high battery consumption, as well as problems related to the performance of the iPad in general. And is that by restoring the device we get rid of all the ‘excess’ that we drag from previous versions: apps that no longer interest us, temporary files, registration logs … It is a radical solution, but very, very useful.

If you adopted all these tips, you must feel that the battery last longer than usual. If you have more tips to share, you can mention those in the comment section. Thanks!

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