How to recover deleted Telegram messages

Telegram is one of the most used instant messaging applications worldwide. Probably, it is the best alternative to WhatsApp. Telegram continuously develops latest functionalities, advanced features which makes it stand out above the rest. For example, here we’re writing one of its features to learn “How to recover deleted Telegram messages“.

For this reason, Telegram has been gaining more followers over time. According to many opinions, there is no better instant messaging service in the market except Telegram.

How to create new secret chat on Telegram?

Recovering deleted Telegram chat is one among many features offered by Telegram, compared to for example WhatsApp. Suddenly, we may delete chat on any platform either consciously or by mistake. None than other platforms, Telegram allows us to retrieve deleted messages or even a complete chat.

How to delete telegram contact on Android or iPhone

MsnTechBlog will explain how to recover a deleted chat in Telegram. Hopefully, you can recover any deleted chat on Telegram from now without too much difficulty.

Note: You can also recover not only Telegram chats or messages but also photographs or files that deleted earlier.

Requirements to recover deleted Telegram chat:

You must fulfill below requirements to be able to recover anything deleted from Telegram:

  1. A Desktop or Laptop Computer
  2. EaseUS software
  3. A rooted Android Device.

How to retrieve deleted Whatsapp messages?

Of course, you must have a rooted android device to carry out full recovery of deleted conversations, something not too complicated to achieve today.

How to recover deleted Telegram messages?


To recover deleted Telegram messages or chat, we will use Android data recovery software. This tutorial focus on using EaseUS MobiSaver software. You can download its trial version using the following link for free.

Download and install the software and follow below steps:

  • Firstly, connect your Android device to your computer, be it a mobile device or a tablet.
  • Run EaseUS MobiSaver for Android. Initially, it will take some time to start the process. Just wait for the software to do its job.
  • Within a few moments, you will see a preview of not only those deleted messages but also those deleted images and files.
  • Finally, by selecting them, you will be able to recover on your device quickly and easily.

That’s all! Are you ready to recover all those messages, files or even photos you deleted from Telegram? You can ask me any question via the comment section.

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