How to manage Chrome extensions – Add, Disable, Remove

A complete guide on how to manage Chrome extensions. Learn where to find, how to add chrome extensions as well as how to disable and remove Chrome extensions.

Internet browser is well-known keyword for those who surf internet from either Computer or Smartphone platforms.

You can make a long list of internet browser available today. But few of them are popular. Free and useful browser extension also contributes to this popularity gradients.

Learn how to add, disable, remove, meaning manage Chrome extensions.

What’s Chrome Extension?

Most of us surf internet with popular internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet explorer, etc.But some of them enhance the web accessibility with various useful tools.

Google chrome browser named those tools as extension. Whereas Firefox browser, Opera browser named those are Add-on.

You can utilise various extensions for various purposes. You name it, like full-page website screenshot, SEO Tools, VPN, Remote Desktop, web page print, font finder, colour code finder, email tracker, text to speech etc.

That’s why, MSNTECHBLOG will write handful articles about those extensions or Add-On.

First thing comes first, you need to know ” Where to find Chrome extension and how to install it? “

How to access Chrome Extension marketplace?

As Play Store used as marketplace for Android mobile apps, Chrome Web Store acts as marketplace for Chrome extensions.

Open Google Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac computer, of course, with internet connection.

Learn How to Zoom or Rotate Netflix using Chrome Extension?


Now you need to visit “Chrome Web Store”. I can simply provide you the URL of the Chrome Web Store. But I know surely you will forget that link may be after finishing reading this article or few days later.

chrome extension web store

That’s why I will mention here three different methods to discover Chrome Web Store Link. By Direct Link, By Google Search, Discovering link within browser itself.

The last one is tricky, but you need to learn this method for other professional functionalities.

Direct Link Method:

Just click on Chrome Web Store link. You can also bookmark this link by clicking on the Star icon besides URL bar for future use.

Google Search Method:

Type the following keyword inside URL bar or Google Search page: “Chrome Web Store“.

Click the first result on the search listing having “Chrome web store – Google Chrome” heading. That’s all!

Inside Browser Method:

You need to click on the “Three Vertical Dot” on the far right corner of URL bar.

Within the drop-down menu, click on the “More Tools” option. Another pop-up menu will appear.

Now you need to click on “Extensions” option.

Write chrome://extensions inside Address Bar & press enter key to directly open Chrome Extension Window.

< shortcode >
chrome extension window short code
Short code

On the far top-left side of the Extension Window, you will have “Three Horizontal Bar” besides Extensions. Click on it. Another sliding menu will appear.

At bottom of this menu, you will find an option written as “Open Chrome Web Store” option. This is the desired link. Click on it to open the Chrome Web Store.

Summary: Three Vertical Dots >> Click >> More Tools >> Click >> Extensions >> Click >> Three Horizontal Bar >> Click >> Chrome Web Store >> Click.

By Click Steps.

How to add extension to Chrome browser from web?

Time needed: 5 minutes

Adding an extension to Chrome is the very easiest work. Simply you need find and do some clicks to add an extension.

  1. Open Chrome Web Store

    You need to visit the webpage of Chrome Web Store. Follow our steps on “How to access chrome extension marketplace” section. You can view some featured and popular tools on the homepage too.

  2. Find Search Bar

    By default, your mouse pointer will be focused inside the “Search Bar” of this store. Because search bar is the powerful tool here to uncover powerful chrome web store

  3. Search Extension

    Now you need to type the exact name of the extension inside Search Bar and then press the enter key.

  4. Add Chrome Extension

    After finding out your desired extension, you need to click on the “Add to Chrome” button.Add extension to Chrome

  5. Confirm Installation

    Finally a pop-up window will appear, where you need to confirm downloading and installing the extension by clicking “Add Extension” button. It’s done!Add Extension Final Step

How to add extension to chrome from file?

Until now, i talked about installing Chrome extension from web-source. But if you have downloaded extension files and want to upload to your Chrome browser, it’s also possible.

This method will save your bandwidth of downloading and installing the same extension again and again. Let’s start!

Step-1: Open Extension window by typing chrome://extensions/ inside URL bar and then pressing Enter Key.

chrome extension short code

Step-2: Find an option called “Load Unpacked“. Click on it.

upload extension file

Step-3: Select your desired extension file from PC to install. That’s it!

How to find Chrome extensions installed in your Browser?

Do you installed so many extensions that your browser can not display on toolbar?

Do you want to view how many extension installed in Chrome browser?

Yes, it happens so often, if you feel the advance of using various extensions. You can find all extensions by one short code or by going manually.

Shortcode Method:

Similar like previous topics, You just need to type ” chrome://extensions ” (without double quotes) and then press the “Enter” button of your keyboard. That’s all!

chrome extension window short code

You will enter the extension windows displaying all the installed extensions in your browser.

Manual Method:

I have already discussed this method on “Inside Browser Method” section. Just, you need to follow 3 steps until you open Extension window.

How to manage an installed extension in Chrome Browser?

Sometimes you may installed some extension which supposed to promise too much.

But later you may find that it’s not very useful as you expected.

Yes, right! You should remove that extension. There are two possible ways to remove an extension from Chrome browser now. Let’s find out!

How to disable Chrome extensions?

Disable option is useful, if you want to temporarily block an extension. Later you can easily enable it too.

This will not require installing that extension again.

Step-1: You need to open Extension Window on your browser. To do this just follow one steps on “How to find extensions installed in your Chrome Browser“.

Step-2: You will discover three options associated with any particular Extensions. These are “Details“, “Remove” and “A toggle bar“.

disable chrome extension

Step-3: If your extension is active, the toggle bar colour will be blue. You need to click on this toggle to disable that extension.

How to remove Chrome extensions?

If you are determined that you want to permanently remove an extension, you can remove it. Later, if you want to use it again, you need to follow the procedure to install it again.

Step-1: Similar like previous steps, you need to navigate to Extension window.

Remove Chrome Extension

Step-2: Now you need to click on “Remove” button instead of “Toggle Bar“. That’s all!

How to remove Chrome extensions on MAC or Windows?

I found some search queries want to find the answer for removing Chrome extensions on different Operating System platform MAC or Windows.

The heading says Chrome extension, so it totally depends on the browser side, not on OS side.

So the procedure is same for both MAC and Windows OS. You just need to follow “How to remove Chrome extensions” steps.

How to allow Chrome extension in Incognito mode?

Chrome browser introduces incognito mode for those who wants to visit website protecting their personal information.

That’s why, Chrome disables all the extensions for incognito mode by default.

In case, you want to enable one particular extension on Incognito mode, follow below steps:

Step-1: Open Extension Window by typing chrome://extensions inside URL bar.

Details” option contains extension information like permission, version, size, source, site access, web store link, and all the necessary settings available to that extension.

Chrome Extension Details

Step-2: You should focus on “Allow in incognito” option.

Step-3: Just click on the toggle bar to turn on the option. The colour will turn to blue from grey.

Step-4: Open the incognito window to see the extension in your toolbar. That’s all!

Are you getting board? Me too! Because this is the usual nature for user to read a long article. So I discontinue the article to manage Chrome extensions on MAC and Windows computers and laptops here.

I could have add some other topics like How to use Chrome extensions on iPhone or Android phone. If you really needs to know for smartphone platform, just reply in comment section.

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