How to login Facebook with profile picture without using password?

This tutorial will guide on What is Facebook profile picture login and how do you use it to enter your Facebook account with profile picture instead of typing email and password every time. Discover 4 steps on profile picture login Facebook described with images.

If we talk about social networks, undoubtedly one of the first in which we think is Facebook, for being one of the most used to interact with family, friends and loved ones and apart from being aware of what is happening in the world.

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One of the features of Facebook is its easy use as it is a very intuitive social network. For this reason, the age range that uses it is very broad, from teenagers to adults. Most of them usually choose it to share photos or videos or content written in text.

What is profile picture login Facebook?

One of the Facebook options is to login in a classic way by entering an email address and password. But many of its users are unaware that Facebook allows us to log in using our own Facebook profile picture. After entering the password of our account, tap profile picture to log in to Facebook.

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To start using this latest feature of Facebook, you need to set up your Facebook account. That’s why today in MsnTechBlog, we will explain steps you have to follow to login Facebook the way we have stated.

How to login Facebook with profile picture?

You don’t need to type email or password every time while logging on your Facebook account. Just you need to provide email or phone number and then click on your profile picture to login on Facebook.

Access Facebook account setting – Step 1

Enter your profile on Facebook. Once inside your profile, touch the arrow located in the upper bar on the right side. A window with several options will be displayed. Click on “Settings“.

Access Facebook profile setting

Facebook Security and Login – Step 2

Once again a new window will open. In the left part of which you will see several options placed in a column. Click on the one that is in second place: “Security and login“.

Log in using your profile picture – Step 3

When you have clicked on this option, a menu with several sections and options will appear. In the “Login” section you will find the option “Log in using profile picture“. Press here.

Facebook Security and Login

Activate Facebook login with profile picture – Step 4

Finally, a new section will appear where you have the option to activate it. A button will appear where you will see the option “Turn on profile picture login“. Click here to activate profile picture login Facebook. Profile picture login Facebook

It will be as simple as logging into Facebook with your profile picture. You can now log out to check the Facebook profile picture login option whether is working or not. Whenever you’ve logged out Facebook, your profile picture will appear on that screen. Just you need to click on it to login directly to your Facebook profile.

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2 thoughts on “How to login Facebook with profile picture without using password?”

  1. I have tried everything I know to not have to use a password every time I want to pull Facebook up. I had it where I was using my profile picture but the other day it changed now I have to put my password in every time. Can u please tell me how to set my profile picture as a login. When I pull up profile log in it I don’t have it set up.

    • Did you perform above steps properly? If you had done all accordingly, you could try again by signing by typing email and password. Then your browser should display this message, “Remember Password”. Click yes.
      Now you will never ever need to enter your password using the same device.
      You can simply log in by clicking on your profile image.



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