How to locate the owner of a lost phone to give back

How to find lost android or iPhone phone owner to return back.

A few years ago losing the cell phone was already cause for displeasure, but nothing comparable to what it supposes today. And is that without entering into economic matter, something that depending on the model may hurt more or less, when we lose a mobile in these times , we lose an enormous amount of personal information.

Contacts, notes, messages, photos … an endless content that we can only save if we have sinned of caution and we have made the relevant backups . If you have ever lost your cell phone, you will know the havoc that causes it, so we will tell you what we can do if we find a phone and we do not know how to locate its owner.

How to locate the owner of an iPhone

We always have to rely on the option of delivering the phone to the police station so that the police can locate the owner (especially if the phone is switched off), which is a much simpler task if he has previously reported his loss.

You find the #mobile that another has lost and you have it!
MAAAL and maybe #delito . Put him in the police station, we will find his owner
– National Police (@police) September 18, 2016

However, and although this is the best prior option, you also have way to locate the owner of a phone by yourself. As we will see below, in the case of Apple phones is somewhat simpler than in Android. For this we are going to make use of the Apple assistant, Siri , since this one works even if the phone has the unlock code activated.

To activate the wizard, click on the home button until the message “What can I help you” appears on the screen. Now we will ask Siri “Whose is this iPhone?” . If you have luckily registered your information, we will have your name and other contact channels such as email.

Since it is probable that the owner has not registered the data, the second option is to ask Siri to call a contact, and what contacts we usually have in common in an agenda? Well, “mom“, “dad” or “house” . If with luck one of these contacts responds to the call, we will only have to explain the situation for the iPhone orphan to return with its owner.

Locating an Android Owner

As we said, the case of Android is not so simple. We can try to extract the SIM and call the corresponding operator to see if they hopefully have the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of the registered phone and consequently can locate the owner.

Another option is to try the same as with Siri but with Google Assistant, if the user has it activated on screen blocked. We will try to say “OK Google” and try the same “mom”, “dad” or “home” call options.

Finally we have another option also applicable to both systems, and is to wait for the owner – aware that he has lost the phone – be called himself, or simply wait for any incoming call to answer and thereby start the search of the owner.

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