How to listen to WhatsApp voice notes without anyone knowing

Listen WhatsApp voice notes without sender knows.

There are several ways to play WhatsApp voice and audio notes without the blue tick being ticked. You can do it incognito thanks to these tricks.

WhatsApp voice notes are a feature that has been in the application for quite sometime now. WhatsApp sends you notification that you receive a voice note, though you can customize not to hear someone’s notification.

Like it or not, sometimes you have no choice but to hear them, although you may not want to leave a trace of having done so.

If you want to hear your WhatsApp voice notes on the sly, there is a trick that will work for you.

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Obviously, we are referring to a specific case: when you want to play a WhatsApp audio with the blue tick activated.

You can always deactivate it, no one will know that you have opened them.

Of course, you will also stop seeing when someone reproduces yours. You can also appear offline while using WhatsApp so that no ones see you.

Access WhatsApp voice notes from file manager

Just like on the computer, Android mobiles – and now also the iPhone – have a file browser.

With it you can access the memory of your mobile as if such thing, being able to see all the files that are stored there.

Obviously, when you receive and automatically download a voice note, it is stored in some way in the memory of your phone.

Actually all the media files you receive on WhatsApp automatically download to gallery.

You can also stop media files auto download from WhatsApp easily.

find file manager

WhatsApp’s trick for playing incognito voice notes is not to hear them from the application, but to another program.

Simply locate the audio in its corresponding folder and open it.

The address is Internal Storage> WhatsApp> Media>WhatsApp Voice Notes.

There are many sub-folders, so you have to guess what the audio you are looking for. One option is to sort them from most recent to oldest.

find WhatsApp audio folder

Now that you have located it there is an added difficulty. It’s in AAC format so you can not reproduce it, in theory.

There is an application called Audio Converter that you can download free from Google Play.

If you open it, you will see that in the upper area the last audios you have received and downloaded appear.

Click on any one of them and it will start playing automatically. All this without letting you see other contacts that you have given to reproduce the voice note sent to you by WhatsApp.

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