How to leave WhatsApp group chat permanently

leave WhatsApp group chat

How do I leave a group on WhatsApp and quit from WWhatsApp group forever? This tutorial explains how to make sure you can not get back into a group WhatsApp chat when you exit step by step.

WhatsApp group is very handy while talking with more than one friends at a time. You can group discuss any topics there to share with everyone. In some cases, you can’t meet your family or friends to enjoy or expend some time with them. WhatsApp group allows us to exchange messages and files among which we can highlight photos and videos because they are the most common in an immediate way.

How to delete Whatsapp group message on android

By the way, we often join most of the WhatsApp group without judging the necessities. These group chats can sometimes be annoying because they do not interest us and do not stop jumping notifications on our mobile screen of people who are speaking in that group or because they have put us without our consent.

In these cases, leaving the group chat seems the best option, but what happens if they come back? Do not worry, in MSNTECHBLOG we explain how to leave WhatsApp group chat forever.

Leave WhatsApp group chat – Step by Step Guide

Exiting a WhatsApp group makes you unable to send and read message conversation in that particular group permanently. So you should think again before doing it.

  1. Step 1
    Enter the WhatsApp app and once inside click on the group you do not want to be part of.
  2. Step 2
    Now, once inside the group, you will have to click on the green strip where the name of the group appears and where you can access information about it.
    Edit WhatsApp Group
  3. Step 3
    Finally, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Exit group“.
    Quite WhatsApp group chat
  4. Step 4
    A pop-up screen will appear in which you will see several options:
    • Exit
    • Cancel
    • Mute Instead.
    • Click on “Exit” to leave WhatsApp group chat.

    Exit WhatsApp group chat

  5. Step 5
    If they return to the group, you will have to repeat the previous process to leave the group for the second time…

Now you will have the difference that this time thanks to the new functionality of WhatsApp no administrator will be allowed to include you in the group where you do not want to be for the third time and you will have managed to leave the group permanently.

WhatsApp will mark the Group Administrator that it is not possible to add to it with the following message:

WhatsApp group chat tricks
This way you will have managed to get out of that annoying group of WhatsApp in which you do not want to be in a simple way.

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