How to know who viewed my Instagram video

Can you see who viewed your Instagram video, both in the stories and on the wall?

We are currently surrounded by social networks where millions of users share experiences associated with hundreds of activities that take place daily or where thousands and thousands of photos and videos are posted on multiple daily circumstances.

Instagram is an application that fulfills the social network role since it allows users to upload any type of photos and videos, with the option of applying various photographic effects, among which we highlight filters, frames, thermal similarities, retro colors, or vintage, and these, in turn, can be shared not only on Instagram but on other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

When we upload some type of video on Instagram we can ask ourselves things like: How popular is my video on Instagram? Who has seen my video on Instagram? Do they follow me or do they follow me?

Who visited my Instagram profile and who viewed Instagram photos, videos?

It is possible to carry out some of these unknowns on the platform, but not in others, for example, it will be possible to see how popular an Instagram video is by reviewing views or followers and then assess how well it has been reduced by comparing those views With other videos we have made, at this point the problem is that it is not yet possible to identify who saw the videos on Instagram.

The metrics are the basis of marketing in social networks and if we manage a small company or simply wish to promote some type of element, this information is valid and necessary.

Metrics to be measured in an Instagram video

While talking about video metrics may not seem relevant, if we are investing time and money in generating good quality content, we must ensure that this is the best possible.

Therefore, if you are planning to create a marketing campaign in social networks on a particular issue, the success of that campaign must be quantifiable and in this aspect come the video metrics.

Main metrics of the video

  • Number of views
  • Number of extended views
  • Playback speed
  • See time
  • Completion rate
  • Commitment
  • Click for grades
  • Conversion rate
  • Feedback
  • Social actions

Some of these options are available on Instagram, while others require third-party tools.

Number of views

The view count is the most basic way as we can determine how popular the video is on Instagram. Instagram views are recorded after three seconds of viewing time and give you an idea of ​​the impact the video is generating.

Different platforms have views in different ways, Instagram and Facebook consider 3 seconds as a view, while YouTube makes us wait 30 seconds before it is counted as a visit.

Number of extended views

The extended view count expands in the count of views and, therefore, is more significant. Anyone can watch a video for three seconds without committing to it or be their follower. If someone watches for 60 seconds or more, it is an indication that the video has caught their attention and is interested in it. This is a more useful measure for measuring Instagram video views.

Playback speed

The metric of the reproduction rate allows measuring a number of people that entered in a page where the characteristics of the video are found and reproduce it. This allows us to define how relevant the video is and how effective the location is.

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See time

Playtime measures the total amount of time people spent watching our Instagram video. The higher the playing time, the more Instagram platforms and others will value your video and any subsequent video.

Completion rate

The completion rate is responsible for measuring how many people have watched the video until the end. This is useful for judging length, quality, and flow for video production. If a video is activated, it flows well and is not too long, no doubt more people will see it until the end. If you have a low completion rate, we can analyze what happens to take the measures of the case.


The commitment collects the reproduction rate, the playback time and the completion rate in a graphic representation that is useful for managing video production.

Click for grades

The click rate measures the effectiveness of any action within the video. If someone watches our video and goes ahead without taking action, we should know that we must strengthen any call to action that includes the video. If they act, it will be possible to control the behavior and modify the video from there.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is for videos that generate leads or sales basically. If the Instagram video includes a call to action or an action to buy something, the conversion rate measures the number of people who buy, leave your email, give you a Like or various other actions.


The feedback is responsible for measuring how the public reacts to the video. This consists of comments, social mentions, direct comments through other media, conversations and anyway people discuss the video.

Social actions

Social actions are the core of social media marketing. To create content that the audience actively shares and promotes for us is the main goal of a video on Instagram. Measuring how many people share the Instagram video will tell us exactly how you felt with your target audience.

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How to know who viewed my videos on Instagram post ?

If we can see who has seen our videos uploaded to Instagram stories, whether they are our followers or not if we have our public profile. For this we will have to follow the following steps:

Step 1

Enter your profile to find out stories on Instagram. To do this you will have to click on the profile icon where your located bottom right corner in the menu.

check views videos Instagram wall

Step 2

Now you’ll see your profile and story page of Instagram. You need to find out that video for which you want to know who viewed Instagram video. Find out and click on that video.

Step 3

At the bottom of the video will appear who have seen your video and how many people are. But if you want the information in detail you should click here.

Step 4

Once clicked there, you will find the complete list of all the users that watched your video, whether they are your followers or not.

number views videos Instagram wall

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How to check views of videos on Instagram wall ?

In the case of videos on the Instagram wall, we can see the number of views and the number of “Likes” that video has. To do this, just look at the video and there the number indicates the number of times the video has been seen for more than three seconds.

All these components are essential for an Instagram video to have the desired impact. We can see by clicking on the number of views who liked the video.

who viewed videos Instagram post

Well, so far the only possible way to know who has seen a video on the Instagram wall is when that user gives a “Like” or becomes a follower, so when we see the publication, just click on the line where the number of views is indicated and there will appear the usernames that have followed the likes of our publication. So we can improve many aspects of Instagram videos and have much more followers if it is our goal.

In conclusion, if we want to know who in particular saw our video on Instagram so far the best option is to upload it to the stories of 24 hours instead of on our wall, so we will access the total information of who saw my video: listing full of people, number and “I like”.

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