How to know if email was read – gmail read confirmation

How to know and check if my sent Gmail email was read?

We explain, in case of Gmail, how to know if email was read and get Gmail read confirmation. Follow this tutorial accordingly to receive Gmail read confirmation every time an email sent from Gmail read by the recipient with the Yesware and Mailtracker extensions for Chrome.

1. Gmail read confirmation using YesWare
2. Email tracker chrome extension using Mailtracker for Gmail

Millions of emails send out every day to communicate, either in our daily life or in the workplace. One of the most used mail managers for this by users is Gmail, a service offered by the US giant Google, used by more than 1000 million users in more than 40 languages ​​around the world. Here some tricks to easily label, sort and find emails in Gmail which surely help you.

When we send an email, it is possible to stay with the doubt of whether the recipient has read it or not and when read it as we don’t get Gmail receipt confirmation. Well, if you do not want to stay with the uncertainty of it, know when they have read your message. This time MsnTechBlog will guide on how to tell if an email has been read by Gmail read confirmation using several extensions.

Gmail read confirmation using YesWare

There is a gmail extension which can help us to get Gmail read notification. You can use this extension first time free for 30 days. After expiration, you need to upgrade to continue email tracking service. Follow those below steps to achieve gmail receipt confirmation:

Visit YesWare Website – Step 1

The first thing we should do is going to the official website. For this, we must use the Chrome browser or Firefox. Once inside the page, we must select the “Install for Gmail” option.

Download Link: YESWARE

gmail read notification using YesWare

Create account on YesWare – Step 2

In the next step, we must enter our data to create an account on YesWare, select the type of account as Gmail and click on Get Started.

sign up yesware

Download YesWare extension – Step 3

Once we have entered our data, a pop-up window will appear which will ask us if we want to add extension. We must click on this tab.

add yesware gmail extension1

Select Gmail account – Step 4

Once we add the extension, we must select gmail account and login using gmail account and password to activate the YesWare account at that moment. Finally allow the extension to access your gmail account.

select gmail account and allow access

YesWare interface – Step 5

The following window is to inform us of the actions and places of our account will have access to the extension, such as consult and manage your mail or manage your contacts. Click OK.

Now, the YesWare gmail extension have successfully configured. Though you’ll receive a security email from Google, but YesWare is safe to use. Now click on “Send A Tracked Email” to test this extension.

send test tracking email gmail

Send test track email – Step 6

With the extension installed, we have to select compose, to write a new mail. We can see the Yesware symbol at the bottom of the email. We have to ensure that the Track window is selected. In this way, YesWare will be notified that we want to get information about that email. As soon as email compose is over, click on the send button to send the gmail email.

Send Yesware test email

Get tracking information – Step 7

Finally, we have to wait for the person to receive the message and to gmail receipt notification. We can check our notifications by clicking on the Tracking option and then find the information in the Events window at the top of the email.

receive gmail read confirmation

Within the notifications, we can see when we have sent it and when they have read our message, by clicking on the notification. The extension will also tell us how many times he has opened the message.

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Email tracker chrome extension using Mailtracker for Gmail

Mailtracker for Gmail is a email tracker Chrome extension which needs to register for use. When you write an email through that extension, it will automatically follow the trace of that email. Although we have to say that at the end of each mail, it will add a line where you put Sent via Email tracker.

Add GmailTracker extension – Step 1

Add the extension to your email.

Once downloaded click on add to Chrome. In the next window press, the option Add Extension.

add mailtracker chrome extension

Sign in with Gmail account – Step 2

A screen with different options will open and you should click on the Sign in with Google option.

Sign in with gmail account

Select Gmail account – Step 3

Select your Gmail email account.

select gmail email account

Send test tracking email – Step 4

A window will open confirming that the configuration is successful. Press on Send my first tracked email to open gmail account and start tracking.

Send first tracked email

Setting to track gmail email – Step 5

Within you gmail account, click on Compose to check that it’s working or not. Don’t forget to click on tick like below image before sending email. Otherwise gmail email tracking will not work. Finally, we have to wait for the person to receive the message and to receive corresponding notification.

check tick to track email

Gmail read confirmation – Step 6

Go to your Sent Mail box to check read notification. Now mouse over the tick icon as shown in below image which will immediately display the information about that email you send. That is, you will know whether the email received and read or not.

check gmail read confirmation

As you can see, these are two simple ways to control our mail and to know that the recipients are aware of our messages when we send to them.

We can see when we have sent it and when they have read our message. The extension will also tell us how many times he has opened the message.

That’s the way to get gmail email confirmation and get gmail receipt notifications. If you want to read more similar tips and tricks about Gmail, you should read MsnTechBlog email category.

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