How to improve WiFi signal at home in 7 easy steps : Infographic

Are you facing trouble with WiFi internet speed in your house? Aren’t sure about the reason behind the scene, but blaming internet provider, WiFi router quality, or your Android or iPhone smartphone wireless module? Those aren’t only the problems causing poor WiFi signal and slow internet connection. Let’s find out how to improve WiFi signal at home in 7 easy steps with Infographic.

You can improve WiFi signal at home to enhance internet speed with the help of different steps and tricks such as getting rid of interference, using the latest technologies, or preventing your neighbors from stealing your signal.

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A powerful WiFi signal is essential to ensure a good connection when making a video call, perform with solvency and comfort your work as a freelancer or enjoy an episode of your favorite series in streaming from the bed. However, one of the most recurrent problems that users face is the speed of the Internet connection caused by a low or insufficient signal.

Instructions to improve WiFi signal at home

Fortunately, most of these speed problems with your WiFi can be resolved in a flash. We will show you the solution in the form of infographics, facilitated by the Inspire WiFi blog. In it, you can find seven steps to end the slow connection once and for all.

Reasons for a bad WiFi speed

There are several reasons for a bad WiFi signal strength and internet speed. To solve some of the problems may cost your money and some of them aren’t. Suppose, you have bought a poor WiFi router and use that with a lower-end device, in this case, you’ve to cost some money to buy better routers and devices.

In another case of the better router and using devices, you may not invest more to improve WiFi signal at home. You need to remember some technical tips and tricks for installing and using WiFi signal. We’ll discuss those tricks to boost WiFi signal in the house to speed up internet speed.

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Bad router location: Most people do not pay much attention to the importance of choosing a decent place for their WiFi router placement. Despite this, a small change can make a big difference, increasing or reducing your speed by one or two stripes. Especially when you are away from the device, it becomes a problem.

WiFi Thieves:  The more people use a network, the slower it will work. If your connection is vulnerable due to a password too easy, in the absence of it, or too unethical neighbors, you should solve it as soon as possible.

Interference: There may be interference from other devices such as microwaves, wireless speakers, cordless phones, and the like. The router must be located away from them to obtain better results.

Bad choice of the channel: Today it is rare that there is not a WiFi network in each house, which in each building can generate saturation in the frequency spectrum. Therefore, the choice of channel is essential, since using a busy one can affect performance.

To remedy the slow WiFi problem, follow the next seven steps you will find in the following infographic.

Infographic how to improve WiFi signal at home
Infographic Source: Inspire Wire

Source: Business 2 Community

Check out all 7 essential tips and tricks in order to improve WiFi signal at home and let us know which one works for you.

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