How to hide Tinder profile from Facebook friends

Do you want to use Tinder while hiding your profile from Facebook friends? You may know that Tinder requires access to your Facebook account in order to create a profile there. Don’t panic, here’s the easiest way to hide Tinder profile from Facebook friends or girlfriend with few steps.

Different social networks have a different aspect of attracting its user. Some are focusing on building a community of nears and dears like Facebook, Google+ and some others are focusing mainly on meeting with new partners like various dating sites.

Tinder is a social network which helps you to search new partners, thus it’s a kind of dating site. But you need to connect your Facebook account to join on Tinder. For this reason, you may get caught easily with your beloved person and friends on Facebook profile.

How to lock and hide profile picture on Facebook 2017

This guide will teach you a tutorial on How to hide your Tinder profile from Facebook friends without being caught that you’re using Tinder. With few simples steps, you can hide Tinder profile from girlfriend and friends on Facebook account easily. Let’s start!

Instructions to hide Tinder profile from Facebook

Using an app to link as Tinder is very normal nowadays. However, not all users want to make it public and their Facebook friends find out. We explain how to configure Tinder’s privacy to hide your profile and prevent the application from publishing on your wall.

Access the Facebook application settings – Step 1

Let’s assume that you have already installed Tinder and that, as it cannot be otherwise, you have linked your profile to Facebook. It is inevitable because this mobile app to link requires you to access your data from the social network to configure your user.

Access Facebook profile setting

  • Summarize Steps: Down Arrow >> Settings

To convert your Tinder in private and avoid make publications on Facebook using your profile, access application settings. This menu is located in the upper right corner of the web version. Once you click there, a drop-down menu opens. Within this menu, select Settings submenu.

Facebook Apps Setting

  • Summarize Steps: Apps >> Show All

A page will open where you need to click on Apps from the left menu. You will get a list of applications connected to your profile. If you don’t find Tinder apps from the list, click on Show all to find out more application linked to your Facebook account.

Edit the privacy settings of the Tinder app on Facebook – Step 2

Among all the apps that are connected to your profile, find the Tinder dating app. Now, you need to click on Pen icon beside the app icon.

Edit Tinder App Settings

  • Summarize Steps: Click on Pen Icon

A popup window will open where you can change the settings privacy of Tinder. By default, the “Only me” setting is selected, which prevents Tinder from posting to your wall in full view of all your contacts.

However, even you can hide your profile from Tinder even more: you can deny access to your list of friends from Facebook, email and other sensitive information. The only thing that you must necessarily provide is your name, age, gender and profile picture.

To do this you only have to uncheck the corresponding boxes in the list of permissions that the dating app has on FB. Once you have unchecked what you do not want to share, save the settings.

Change Tinder App Setting on Facebook

  • Summarize Steps: Uncheck box beside Friends List >> Save

This same process works for all other apps that ask for permissions to access your Facebook. You can also directly delete them by clicking on the X-shaped icon that appears when you place the pointer over them. That’s all!


Tinder Social is one of the latest news from the most popular app to flirt around the world. Not only it puts you in touch with groups of application users, but access to your friends on Facebook to identify those Tinder and show them in suggestions.

If you do not disable Social Tinder, all friends from Facebook using the app will know you use it. Therefore, it is essential to disable this tool if you want to hide your profile.

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