How to hide photos on Instagram without deleting

how to hide photos on instagram without deleting

Learn to how to hide your photos on Instagram without deleting permanently.

We’ll explain a method to temporarily hide photos on Instagram without deleting them and as well as how to display them whenever you wish.

Imagine that you uploaded a full size photo to Instagram without cropping and, at the time, you regret it. You want to hide this photo from others Instagram users now. But you don’t want to delete it permanently. It turns out that this photo was special and you might want to show it again in the future.

There may other reasons to hide photos on Instagram without deleting. Let’s see, you do not have to justify either, the reason you do this is your thing. This MsnTechBlog tutorial will tell you a method to hide photos within your Instagram profile without having to remove them.

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These hidden photos will be seen by you but not by your followers and you can re-launch them to your Instagram profile whenever you want, or else delete them forever from the platform. Let see how to hide Instagram photos from followers.

Hide photos on Instagram without deleting – Archive Instagram photos

Many people do not know this feature that takes a while on Instagram, the option to archive Instagram photos. This feature has been on Instagram for some time now and the truth is that it has gone unnoticed by most users.

How does Instagram archive work to hide photos from followers?

Pay attention to the image, have you ever used it? We will explain how it works. You can archive or hide all the photos you want, the process is much easier than it seems.

  • Go to your profile and enter a photo.
  • Once inside, click on the 3 points in the upper right corner of the photo.
  • You will find many options but the one you are interested in is Archive.

how to archive Instagram photos

When you click on Archive, the photo will be hidden from the profile. You will not be able to see it there but it will still be saved in Instagram in a hidden way in front of those who follow you but in your sight.

Thus, you achieve the goal to hide photos on Instagram without deleting them permanently. Now, you’ll see how to show archived photos to our Instagram followers.

How to view archived Instagram photos?

To view archived photos from your Instagram, just go to your profile and click the button on the second catch (an arrow with a clock time).

view Instagram archive photos

You will see all the photos you have archived or none if you have not used the option ever.

How to show archived Instagram photos again on your profile and followers?

Once you’re on the archive page, you need to click on the photo that you want to recover. If you click on the three vertical dots, you will have two options:

  • Show on profile: to show the photo again to your followers and in your timeline.
  • Delete: to remove the Instagram photo forever.

restore Instagram archived photos

You can also leave the photo saved because you do not know what to do with it or because you want to show it again later.

The best thing about this feature is that the likes and comments of the photos will be stored forever in the photo and if you re-upload the publication you will not start from scratch. If you are an advanced Instagram user you will surely understand the exercise of this function.

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