How to hide Instagram stories to some followers

Tutorial to know how to hide stories from Instagram followers so they can not see them.

One of the most Instagram used functions are the 24 hours stories. Ephemeral content that disappears 24 hours after being published. However, Instagram has long been able to highlight these stories as highlighted in the profile. This means that they are stored do not disappear. However, you may not want all your followers to see the stories that you have highlighted on your profile.

Can you block comment on Instagram for some followers or non-followers?

Nowadays social networks have become a means of communication for millions of people who daily exchange photos, messages, comments … No doubt platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook have become a very important factor for the exchange of information among people.

Selectively hide Instagram stories from some followers

Instagram has been acquiring followers with the passage of time, being today one of the most important social networks for many users. Since it was purchased by Facebook, different news and new features have not stopped arriving the application. Hiding Instagram 24 hours stories from selected followers is of those. To do this follow below steps:

Enter Instagram Profile – Step 1

The first thing to do is to enter your Instagram account and select the menu of the three dashes located in the upper right corner.

Enter Instagram Settings – Step 2

Once here you must go to the bottom to select the icon of the gear on which it says “Settings“.

Instagram setting

Enter Instagram Story Controls – Step 3

Once inside the configuration, you must scroll to the “Story Controls” section.

Instagram Story Control

Enter Hide Story Option – Step 4

Now you will see a section that says “Hide history from“. You must select it.

Hide Instagram History

Select Instagram Followers to Hide Stories- Step 5

Once here you will see all the followers that you have on your Instagram account. You must search and select that follower you want to block from the featured stories. Once selected, click on the blue symbol in the upper corner.

Hide Instagram Story From Friends


Remember that those users that you block, will not be able to see the 24 hours stories that you publish in your account.

This way the stories that you highlight in your profile will remain hidden for the users you have selected that you wanted to block.

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