How to find an image of better quality or resolution

In the network of networks, there are ways to find an image of better quality or resolution than we have downloaded for any reason we need. It can be wallpaper that we have downloaded from a website and we need it in a higher resolution so that “the desktop” of our PC “lives”.

Google has a great tool in its web browser, which has been placed as the most used among Internet users for its various functions. Surely some of you know that simple function, which even helps us to know if a news is fake or not since we will use it to find the related news and thus to know for sure if someone manipulated it.

Let’s get down to work with a simple task as an example of using the image search engine embedded in Google’s Chrome web browser. It can be given many uses, but we will use the example of the higher quality wallpaper to find a website that allows us to download the image.

actors photo

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How to find an image at a higher resolution

The trick to finding an image with higher resolution or quality on the web is to upload it to Imgur, a free storage service that is characterized by sharing images of all kinds.

  • We will use Google’s web browser for this task.
  • The image that we have downloaded we upload it to this web: Imgur
  • We click on “New post” and upload images.

Upload photo to imgur

  • When we have the image uploaded to Imgur, we right click on it and select “Search Google for image“.

Search images on Google

  • Another tab opens with the results. Click on “All sizes” and we will find all the sizes of an image that in this case is free of rights.

Select photo resolution

You will already have in your hand an image with higher resolution and quality to use it for all kinds of objectives, like the example is given of wallpaper for your computer’s desktop.

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