How to extract color palette from image without using Photoshop

Are you searching for an way to extract color palette from image without using any paid software like Photoshop? This tutorial shows two methods to extract all colors palette from any image using free Google Chrome extension and Adobe website.

Surely you’ve ever wondered what colors an image or drawing has in order to reproduce it in a real way, to obtain a copy as close as possible or simply to know the range of colors of a photograph.

There are many programs such as Adobe Photoshop which is paid to show you the colors that have a picture or drawing, but today we will show you several applications with which you can know the colors.

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The first one is an extension of Google Chrome called “Pallete Creator” with which you can get a color palette of an image that is on the Internet.

The second one is the Adobe Color website with which you can get colored palettes customized to your liking or obtain the color palette of a photograph that you have previously uploaded.

Palette creator

As we said before Palette creator is an extension of the Chrome browser, once the extension is downloaded you will only have to enable it, although it is enabled by default after installation.

extract color palette using chrome extension

How to use palette creator extension?

  • Within Google Chrome Browser, open any image and right-click on it to know color palette.
  • If you want to know color palette from any image saved on your computer, just drag the image and drop within opened Google Chrome browser.
  • In the drop-down menu you will have to select Palette creator.
  • Then you need to choose the color palette you want: palette of 8, 16, 24 and 32 colors or a palette. customized by you, when a greater number of colors you put the Palette will be more precise and large.

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  • You’ll see all the color codes in Hex format by default.
  • If you want to change color format to RGB or others, you need to click on Settings and then need to chose your desired color code format.
  • Now you can either copy to clipboard or download it in .cpl format by clicking on Copy or Download button respectively.

That’s all! You have your all color palette from your image. In this way, you can extract color palette from image you wish.

Download Palette creator for Chrome

Palette Creator
Palette Creator
Developer: Walter Garcia
Price: Free

Adobe color

From the Adobe Color web, you can create your favorite color palette to save it later, but the most interesting comes when we upload a photo of our team and analyze the colors.

Adobe color palette extractor

How to use Adobe color site to extract color palette by uploading any image?

Adobe color has a powerful tool to generate various color palette an image contains. You can visit any website and save any image to your computer. Now you need to upload that image to Adobe color website to extract color palettes.

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  1. Visit adobe color website by clicking on the link.
  2. Click on the camera icon to upload an image.

The web classifies colors in different tones: full-color, clear, muted, intense, dark and personalized. The last option will be a selection of the colors that you want to know about the photograph.

So now you have no excuse to know what colors a photograph or drawing has. Try these tools that are also free and discover the colors of things.

Do you know any other tool to know the colors except Adobe Photoshop?

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