How to download WhatsApp voice notes on android phone

We’ll explain clearly how do you download WhatsApp voice notes on your android phone.

WhatsApp, most popular messaging application continuously add new features according to user’s demand. Similar to other instant messaging application, you need to type whole messages and then send it to your friends. If you are spending too much time chatting with your friends over WhatsApp, at some point, your finger may get tired and seek another option except typing.

Instructions to download WhatsApp Voice Notes on Android :
How to download all WhatsApp voice notes?
How to download only one WhatsApp voice notes?

Yes, WhatsApp hears your wishes and introduces latest feature Voice notes which allow users to record a voice message and then send to your friends. Thus, you can get rid of typing WhatsApp message too much whenever you want, just send voice notes.

Moreover, several tricks you can perform with WhatsApp voice notes. For example, you can download WhatsApp voice notes to listen to your wish, similar to reading WhatsApp messages offline; you can also listen to WhatsApp voice notes without anyone knowing too. Alternatively, you can convert WhatsApp voice notes to text message if you can’t understand or hear voice notes properly. This function is very useful when you are surrounded by too much noise.

In this particular article, we will deal about downloading WhatsApp voice notes on Android phone to hear it later. Let’s see how to do it.

Instructions to download WhatsApp Voice Notes on Android :

Any kind of android apps you installed on your android phone, use phone memory to store its essential data. Similarly, WhatsApp also stored all the necessary files like messages, audio files, video files, voice notes, photos etc. on your android device.

In this tutorial, we will find out those Voice Notes files within our Android phone memory and save it to another location in Android phone or in the cloud so that it couldn’t disappear due to mistake. Let’s do it.

  1. Open android phone file manager app and go to Internal storage
  2. You will see several folders there. Now you need to scroll down to find out a folder named WhatsApp.
  3. Within WhatsApp folder, open Media folder.
  4. Again, you scroll down to last. You will find WhatsApp Voice Notes folder. This is the folder contains all the WhatsApp voice notes files.

find whatsapp folder android

You can either copy the whole folder containing all voice notes or only one voice note file by accessing that folder. Finally, paste it on another location on your android phone.

How to download all WhatsApp voice notes?

If you wish to download all WhatsApp voice notes files and backup it to another location, learn how to do it.

  1. Hopefully, you can find WhatsApp Voice Notes folder within file manager with described steps.
  2. Long press over that folder to select it.
  3. Click on copy and go back to the desired location where you want to download WhatsApp voice notes.
  4. Finally, click on Paste option. That’s all!

download all whatsapp voice notes

How to download only one WhatsApp voice notes?

As described in previous method, you can download all the voice notes you’ve incorporated with your friends over WhatsApp. Do you want to download only one particular voice note file? Learn how to download single voice notes file. Let’s do it.

find .pous whatsapp voice note file

  1. First, you need to find out WhatsApp Voice Notes folder as discussed earlier. Open that folder.
  2. WhatsApp voice note folder contains several folders in this type format “201745“, “201717” too. Whenever you send or receive a voice note, WhatsApp creates a folder here and save the voice note files as a .opus file format.
  3. Enter any folder to find out .opus file within it.
  4. Once you find out one .opus file, long press over it to select it.
  5. Now, click on copy and go back to your desired location to save it.
  6. Once there, tap on the Paste button. Done!

download whatsapp voice note

Hopefully, you have followed our instruction properly and achieved what you want. If you want to hear more from us about WhatsApp and it’s voice notes, you can ask in our comment section.

Don’t be selfish, if this guide helps you spread it out via social media so that your near and dear can also be benefitted following our guide. Best of Luck!

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