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What is VK social media?

VK is a popular social media network which main headquarters established in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This particular social media known as “Russian Facebook” has 97 million monthly active users which made it be among 5 most visited sites in the world, according to SimilarWeb. More than 5 billion messages posted daily on this social network. VK supports more than 80 languages around the world.

Instruction to download videos:
 1. Find out URL of a video
 2. Visit a downloader like
 3. Select VK service within
 4. Download video file

It supports not only all platform including Android, iOS, Desktop version, but also have a desktop and mobile messenger application similar to Facebook Messenger.  Want to dig more about VK social media, start to use it now.

Instruction to download videos :

In this particular article of MSNTECHBLOG, I will explain how to download videos and movies from directly to your PC, with the option to watch streaming videos online, without having to log in to the video portal.

Find out URL of a video

To download a video from VK social media, you need the URL at first. The URL tells the location from where that video is shown and displayed to you. It is not necessary to play the video. If you are an anonymous user, just right click on the video and copy the link.

Visit a downloader like

Among several sites which allow you to download videos from, I prefer first. TubeOffline is a complete solution to download any video and audio files from any kind of website. You can also use which is the best alternative of . For this tutorial, I’m going to use Since it also allows you to view the videos online which you are going to download.

Select VK service within

Within the homepage of VK, the URL box sets to AnimeToon sites by default which will not work for VK social site. You need to scroll down and covert VK link below “Convert from other sites” within “V”.  Now click on the “VK” link.

tubeoffline vk video downloader

Download video file

Finally, you just have to paste the link that you copied in the first step and click on the “Get Video” button. Immediately a video player will appear. Where you will see the video preview as well as download links for different types of resolution. You need to click on “Download” beside your desired resolution. Immediately VK video file will start to download to your PC.

Absolutely no software is needed to download VK videos in this way. By the way, you should allow the presence of various advertising program. Whatever, this is pretty good service without paying a penny. As simple as that, you can now enjoy the movies and music videos that are shared on

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