How to do a live video on Facebook – Android and iPhone

How do I do a live video on facebook? Read our guide on how to stream a live video on facebook.

Can you imagine that you can be able to give your followers a live video message through Facebook? A daydream comes to true with the facility of going live with facebook and to be able to do a live video on facebook. Whether it’s a fan page or a personal page, this new possibility opens up a whole world for fans of this important social network, seeking to compete with other existing applications like Periscope or Meerkat, but offering new possibilities.

Instructions to do a live video on facebook
Step 1: Introduction
Step 2: Availability and Feasibility
Step 3: Requirement
Step 4: Initial Steps
Step 5: Sharing Scope
Step 6: Go Live
Step 7: Interaction with Viewers
Step 8: Recommendation

This streaming functionality was first available only to iPhone users in the United States, but now it can now be enjoyed for all iOS and Android users. The Facebook live stream is here, so on MSNTECHBLOG, we explain how to broadcast a live video stream on Facebook for android and iPhone users.

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Instructions to do a live video on facebook:

Step 1: Facebook Live promises to be one of the most important bits of this social network, allowing users to stream their videos live to share with all their followers. This proposal is especially interesting for all who have a Facebook page and want to communicate in a close manner with their followers, but also for those who want to use this option personally to announce some important news to friends and loved ones or simply To communicate with a greater closeness.

Step 2: Facebook Live is currently only available to users of iPhone and Android, therefore you must connect through the application of this social network to perform the live broadcast, which can not last more than 90 minutes.

You should know that in some countries the option is not yet available for iPhone, likewise, some Android phone models also do not have the alternative to transmit live, so you must follow the steps in this article and if you do not see the icon You need to wait for Facebook to update it globally.

This functionality is not available from the PC or computer.

how to do a live video on facebook

Step 3: If you decide to stream a video on Facebook and wanna check if you can or can’t do it not with your phone, the first thing to do is to make sure that the app of this social network is updated by going to the Apple Store or the Play Store And look for the Facebook app to see if it is updated.

If the last update has been in recent days, then surely your Facebook app already has this alternative.

stream a live video on facebook

Step 4: Now enter your Facebook from the mobile app and go to your status box to write what you are thinking, there you will see a new option available called Live Video. To start you will have to press it, the system will indicate that you are about to make a live video, to continue you must press continue.

broadcast a live video on facebook

Step 5: Now the system will ask you to describe the title or content of your video. Here you can define the main aspect of your message and, more importantly, choose the audience: friends, followers, visible to everyone, etc. This option can be found just below the title of your video.

how to do a live video on fb

Step 6: Once you have defined all aspects of this publication, press the option in blue Go Live. A countdown timer will appear on your phone screen. As soon as the countdown over, the recording will be started instantly and you will be completely in streaming to convey the message you want to deliver to your audience. Once it is finished you will have to press the red button that appears in the left corner of the screen.

Step 7: Your friends, or the audience you’ve chosen, will receive a message that you’ve shared content with them. While you are streaming the people you share the video with can also comment live, which increases the interaction. Once the live stream of your video on Facebook ends, you can decide if you publish this content in your profile or if you delete it.

It’s that easy! Now you know how to use Facebook Live step by step, so do not think about it anymore and try this new alternative that will surely give much to talk about.

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