How to delete MeetMe account permanently using Android App

As you are reading this article, you definitely reach a decision to delete your MeetMe account. For those who do not know, MeetMe is a popular chat app to meet people and make new friends.

But once these types of applications are installed, sometimes it is difficult to know how they are eliminated, so today we are going to indicate the steps to eliminate MeetMe and delete your account.

The applications, like the streaming platforms or the operators themselves, give many facilities to enter, to register, to learn how to use it and so on, but they make it difficult to eliminate or unsubscribe.

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That’s why today we bring you the definitive shortcut to not go around in MeetMe and be able to delete your account in a few simple steps.

Delete MeetMe Account Using App

MeetMe Dating App

Deleting your MeetMe account means deleting your photos, chats, settings, data, etc. So it is a decision that you have to take.

Think for a second. Do you really want to do it?

If yes, let’s go!

5 steps to say goodbye to your MeetMe profile

To remove your MeetMet profile from the root, you must follow these simple 5 steps:

  • Go to your profile “Me” and click on “Settings“.

MeetMe Settings

  • Now, look for the option “Delete Account“.

MeetMe Delete Account Page

  • Click on “Yes” for the confirmation of MeetMe account deletion.

Confirm To Delete MeetMe Account

  • Insert your registration data on “Email” and “Password” text field.

Delete MeetMe Account

  • Click on “Delete Account”.

Doing this, your MeetMe account would be deleted as if you had never had a MeetMe profile.

Video Tutorial to delete MeetMe Account:

You have learned how to delete your MeetMe account using the MeetMe app. Simply you need to follow the steps I have mentioned to you. This process will erase all traces left in the application.

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