How to create direct access to a web page in Huawei Mate 10

Do you visit a website too often? Probably you’re bored of opening a web browser and typing website URL everytime you visit that site. We have got a one-click solution to visit your favorite site. We explain step by step how to create a shortcut of a web page on the main screen of Android Huawei Mate 10 mobile.

Undoubtedly the mobile is one of the objects that is difficult to do without any day of our lives. We use the phone to perform hundreds of actions, among which we can mention receiving calls, sending and reading messages, taking photos or videos, using GPS or searching for information on the Internet.

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It is possible that newspapers review some web pages in search of information or news referring to a topic that interests you. These searches are usually done from this device since we spend a lot of time outside of our homes, and we usually take advantage of downtime as breaks or trips to perform the aforementioned action and thus get to catch up on the issues that concern us and kill the dead time.

How to create a shortcut of a web page for direct access?

A direct access from our mobile phone to a certain web page may seem like a good option to enter directly on this page and consult the information we want to see quickly, easily and easily.

It is for this reason that today in MsnTechBlog we will explain how to create a shortcut in one of the most used devices currently: Huawei Mate 10 Android phone.

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To create the direct access on the main screen of our terminal, the steps to follow are these:

Step 1

Enter Chrome or the browser you use by clicking on its icon on the main menu screen of the device.

Open browser

Step 2

In the address bar write the address corresponding to the page on which we want to create the shortcut and when it takes you to the page click the icon of the three vertical points located in the upper right corner of the screen.

access chrome browser setting

Step 3

A window will be displayed where different options will appear. Click on the “Add to home screen” option.

Add to home screen

Step 4

A new pop-up screen will appear where you can modify the name of the page to your liking, for example, shorten it. Press “Add” when you’re finished.

Add a website to home screen

Step 5

You’re done. Now the icon to access the web will appear on the main screen of your terminal along with the icons of the applications.

Click icon to visit website

It’s as simple as creating a direct access to a web on the main screen of Android Huawei Mate 10 mobile.

Did you face any difficulties in following our guide to creating a direct access icon of your favorite website to your Huawei mate 10 android phone home screen? Feel free to contact us via the comment section of this post below.

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