How to create and publish 360 degree photos to Facebook?

Create 360 photos and publish to Facebook to surprise your friends with panorama view.

As we know the popular social network Facebook in 2016, in order to make more immersive the experience of sharing images, launched the option called photos 360. So what is a 360-degree photo? It’s a feature of taking a picture which allows you to see the photo from all angles, even from above, below and behind you. This means that while taking 360-degree photos, the field of view will be set to the center of the photo automatically. What will make the photo a 360-degree panoramic image so your contacts can explore it, just as it was already done with the video format?

1 How can I create 360° photos?
1.1 Which camera to use?
1.2 What mobile device to use?
1.3 Applications and software
1.4 Taking pictures in 360
2 How do I upload 360 ° photos?
3 How to convert my old photo into 360 photos
4 Final Tips

If you have not yet seen a 360 photo or you could not identify it, we tell you that you can find them in the news feed and you will recognize them because they have the icon of a compass, on the right side. To explore the photo in a panoramic way, you can click and drag the image or move the mobile device (Android or iOS). In a computer, you will have to click and drag the photograph.

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To enjoy this option you only have to take a panoramic image with your cell phone, using an application or with a camera that supports this format, and then upload it to Facebook as you normally would. After this, this social network will turn it into a 360 photo so your friends and followers can see it in a unique way.

How can I create 360° photos?

Before creating and uploading 360 photos to your mobile you should know if your device is the right one and/or everything you need to do it. Therefore we will detail some points.

Which camera to use?

You’re probably wondering if you need to use a special camera and what it is. Well, I tell you that Facebook took this trouble creating a list of cameras that will help you capture the image of your entire environment in a single click. Below we detail the ones that are compatible with the 360° photo, although they are a bit expensive.

  1. Ricoh Theta S
  2. Giroptic 360 Cam
  3. Samsung Gear 360
  4. LG 360 Cam
  5. Realtech IC Allie
  6. 360fly
  7. Panono

Which mobile device to use?

Now, without a doubt I think the camera of your smartphone is ideal, not only because of the cost of the cameras but because it is more how and you can publish your photos immediately. And in fact, your mobile device or your tablet will work with the photo 360 options. In fact, according to Facebook, any new device supports the new images. Below is a list of the phones you can use.

1. iPhone or iPad:

iPhone 4S or later

iPad mini 2 or later

The iPad Air and iPad Air 2

iPad Pro

2. Samsung Galaxy:

With the devices of the Samsung Galaxy, you can take a panoramic photo with the mode “Envelope shooting” or “Panoramic”. Among which we have the Samsung Galaxy S5 or later and to Note 3 or later.

Applications and software

1. Applications of spherical photos:

You can also use different applications to take a panoramic photo. So we have the Street View app, Google camera, Cardboard camera or Theta S.

2. Software to create panoramic images

On the other hand, you can also join images using some software like PTGui when you share these photos on Facebook, they will automatically become a 360 ° photo.

Take pictures in 360

All you have to do is take a panoramic picture with one of the devices indicated in the previous paragraph, be it with an iOS or a Samsung Galaxy phone, or an Android with specific application to take pictures in 360. Or with a special camera that Allows you to capture 360° pictures, which have already been pointed out.

example of 360 degree photos

How do I upload 360 ° photos?

Once you have taken a panoramic photo to upload to Facebook you will have to use the same method that is used to upload the other photos. Here are the steps.

  1. You must first log in to your social account, go to the top of the news section and click on the option to upload Photo/video to your timeline album. You should also edit your photos before uploading. We recommended you to read our Eleven basic tips for editing photos article.
  2. Or if you want you to go directly to the “Albums” section or to upload a new one. Select the photo you want to upload. Remember that you cannot upload more than one panoramic photo at a time.
  3. Once you have uploaded the photo you click on publish and ready button. You only have to wait until the social network transforms your image into a 360 photo. To do this, you will notice if your file is in the correct format because the 360° photos are identified by a compass icon.
  4. Now that you have published your photo, you can explore it by moving your phone or dragging the image with your finger. Click on the photo to see it in full screen.icon to convert photo to 360 degree photo

How to convert my old photo into 360 photo

I imagine everyone should have some photos that can be turned into a panorama. And although any photo will not work with the 360-degree Facebook player, we give you some tricks to do so.

  1. You need to use an application on your device to take a panoramic photo. Simply is that? Yes, just that.
  2. You can also do something more complex using the Google app, Street View (Android | iOS), to make 360-degree photos and upload them to your social account.
  3. On the other hand, you must remember one thing when making a panoramic photo, which Facebook says that this feature will only work with photos that are 100 degrees or more. But there is no way to see how big a photo is (in terms of degrees). So if you do not want to capture the landscape completely, you’ll have to do some testing to find out what the right measurement is.

Final Tips

  1. If, after uploading the 360° photo, you want to change the view, you can do it by editing the photo on a computer. To do this, hover your mouse over the photo, click on the circular wire icon. Then click on the brush icon to edit and drag the photo to change the initial view. Finally, click Save. And ready.
  2. Note that if you upload a panoramic photo that is greater than 100 degrees, it may automatically become a 360 ° photo. To deactivate this option, move the mouse over the bubble icon, located in the lower right corner of the photo. You click on edit (brush). Unchecked the box next to the “Display as a 360 ° photo” option. And you click on save.

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