How to convert YouTube videos to audio podcast? Extract audio from YouTube Vidoes

Are you searching for a way to download only audio from a video to save your phone memory and internet data? Do you hear about PodTube, this is all you need. Simply convert any YouTube videos to an audio podcast using free android applications, where you need to select one or more videos you want to convert to audio podcast and click on download button to start converting for free. 

YouTube is one of the biggest places of leisure and entertainment available within internets. As a repository of videos is unparalleled, you can find everything. However, it is always not necessary to watch the video and sometimes the audio is enough. That’s why we will teach you, how to convert YouTube videos to podcasts.

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As we say, YouTube is unparalleled in terms of video format. There are competitors like Vimeo or Dailymotion, but at the end of the day, Google’s video platform reigns above all. However, despite the existence of YouTube Red (only available in some countries), the service lacks some options in its Android application.

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Specifically, when we talk about audio, the truth is that the options fall short. There are many who use YouTube as the support of an audio podcast, in which the video is in the background as a mandate due to the place where it is uploaded. What can you do in such cases? Can you hear only the audio? Can you download it? Yes, you can.

What is PodTube and what are its usages?

PodTube is an application that is not in the Google Play Store and that, in addition, takes little time in development. This is noticeable in the interface since it is not as visual as it should be, but it is functional: the application does what we want without flinching. And what are we looking for? Have the audio of the videos and manage the channels to download the videos they generate.

PodTube is an application developed by MikeDev_, a member of the XDA-Developers forums that summarizes the functions of his work in these points:

  • Download videos or playlists from YouTube
  • Automatically download new videos of selected channels
  • Download only audio from the videos (saves space and data)
  • Skip videos over a specific duration
  • Tasker support, allowing you to download videos, reacts to shock or sync a podcast with a Tasker task.

For all these functions, PodTube needs you to have the main YouTube app installed, but it is a perfect fatigue partner to fill in the gaps in its operation. In addition, it is completely free and has no ads.

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And how does it work? Go to a video or playlist on the official YouTube app. Find the share icon and select PodTube. Keep in mind that you cannot share private lists, so they should be public videos. Select the PodTube app and it will ask you to select a folder to download. Do it and start to download the videos. In this way, you will download the complete files, but for the audio, change the method.

How to convert YouTube videos to a podcast using PodTube

PodTube has a simple menu and a complete one that we unveil by clicking on “Hide config UIs”. If we want to extract the audio from a video, we just need to copy the URL of the browser and paste it where it says “Download a single video”. PodTube will analyze the video and download only the audio. Preferably MP3 and the best quality, but you may have to download the Wav if you cannot find another audio file available.

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Unfolding the entire interface reveals the most powerful option of the application: “Channel list”. Here we can add all the YouTube channels we like the most to download the audio, or podcast, of the latest additions. Simply put the URL of the channel after pressing the “+”. It will be our list of podcasts.

PodTube Settings

How to search for new podcasts on the added YouTube channels?

Clicking on “Download podcasts“, the application will analyze the channels in search of new videos; and if you find them, you will download them in audio by adding them to our list of downloaded podcasts. Then we just have to play them by accessing “Video list“. We click on anyone and the audio will open in our default music application.


  • Within the main menu, click Hide config UIs to show more options.
  • Select Channel List and press the More button.
  • Enter the data of the channel that uploads the podcast and check the option Download audio only.
  • Here you can set the time limit and up to a maximum of videos.
  • Press Back and the automatic download will do the rest.

Download PodTube in the form of Apk

This YouTube application in podcast format is a development of MikeDev_. You can download it from this Google Drive file. If you want to know more about it, you can read the thread that is open to XDA Developers. It is a clean application, it lacks permits more than the essentials, it has no ads and it does not cost any money either.

There are several versions for different architectures, but in case of doubt, download com.shadoapps.podtube.apk, which is universal. Version 1.3.0 is the most advanced, but we also link v1.2.0 in case you find compatibility problems:

PodTube 1.3.0

PodTube 1.2.0

Source: XDA Developers

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