How to clear cache Instagram on iPhone or Android

Speed up your phone and free up memory space by clearing Instagram app cache memory on Android or iPhone.

Instagram is very common has become one of the most used applications in recent times. It is also listed among the most addictive social network. The social network has millions of followers who upload photos, videos or stories to the platform every day. And is that each Instagram has more followers seeking new features and spend more time in the App.

Pros and Cons of Application Cache

Cache memory is useful for reducing internet data consumption and having faster browsing speed within the same website. Sometimes it becomes too large causes unusual memory consumption as well as slower phone navigation performance.

The problem of spending so much time in the App is that we may be storing a lot of data in it, and this causes our phone to occupy a part of unnecessary memory influencing the speed of our phones.

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Therefore, it is recommended that we remove the cache of this application from time to time, in order to free that space of memory that is not consuming.

How to clear Instagram cache on iPhone or Android?

Here’s a step by step guide to clear the Instagram cache on both Android or iPhone. It is a very simple process that can help us to maintain our phone memory and speed.

How to clear your Instagram cache on Android?

You need to follow five simple steps to clear Instagram app cache on Android phone. Let’s do it!

Step 1

Android Phone Settings

The first thing we should do is go to the “Phone settings“.

Step 2

Android Apps Setting

Next, we have to go to the “Apps” section.

Once inside the applications, we have to select the option of Instagram.

Instagram App

Step 3

Instagram App Storage Setting


Within Instagram, we must click on the “Storage” section.

Step 4

Clear Instagram Cache

Now that we’re on Instagram, we’ll see a button that says “Clear Cache

Step 5

In the event that we want to delete all the data of the App, we can do it by selecting the option “Clear Data“. In this way, we will have left the application as newly installed.

Note: Deleting data does not mean that we are deleting any of our content within the App.

How to clear Instagram cache on iPhone?

Steps are very similar like Android phone to clear Instagram app cache on iPhone. You need to follow below 4 steps:

Step 1

The first thing we must do is enter the “Phone settings” and place on the “General” screen.

Step 2

Next, we have to go to “Usage” and then “Manage Storage” section.

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Step 3

Now you have to select Instagram among the applications you have installed on your phone.

Step 4

Once you are in Instagram, you will see that the option to clear the cache does not appear as in the case of Android, so we must select “Uninstall the application.”

We do not have to worry since not all we have to do is install the App again, and we will have our profile again configured as we had left it.

In this way, we will be cleaning our phone of all those files that are occupying unnecessary space, in this case on Instagram.

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