How to clear amazon search history using apps

Clear search history on Amazon account

With the passage of time and product searches, the Amazon application (and the web client) are getting to know the tastes that users have and, therefore, make recommendations in the attempt to give better service – and, of course, get more sales. Well, if you want to clear Amazon search history, we tell you how to get it with your mobile application.

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The truth is that with the number of products that are reviewed on Amazon, some of them even by mistake, it is a good idea that from time to time proceed to delete Amazon search history in the aforementioned store so that there are no mistaken data of your tastes. And even if you want to defend your privacy to the fullest, it is possible to disable the collection of such information.

The first thing is to download amazon app since we believe that it is much easier to use the smartphone or tablet than the web client while clearing search history on Amazon. These are the Amazon apps download links:

For iOS: Amazon app download link

For Android: Amazon app download link

Steps to clear a Amazon search history using apps

The truth is that the company that runs Jeff Bezos has included what is necessary to achieve this and, therefore, has been very present giving the option to users to clear search history on Amazon. Of course, it is not in a very clean place, so we tell you the steps to take:

Update Google Chrome browser settings for better privacy and security.

  • Open the application and click on the icon with three horizontal lines at the top left. From the menu that appears, select My Account
  • You see many options on the screen, but you have to find one that is called “Your Account”. Once, you click this, you will see various settings. Scroll down to find out “Browsing history” setting field under “Personalized content” section.
Delete browsing history on Amazon account
Sequence: Home>>Your Account>>Personalized Content>>Browsing History
  • All the products that you have reviewed in the store are listed there. If you decide to delete the history results for a specific product, just click on “Delete” button below that product.

Steps to delete all search history on Amazon using apps

You need to follow all the steps discussed above on “Step to clear a Amazon search history using apps“. Now proceed according to the below steps:

  • In the upper right corner beside “Browsing history”, there is a link called “Manage”, which is the one you have to use to delete all Amazon search history.
  • Now click on “Delete History“. Done!
Delete browsing history on Amazon account
Sequence: Manage>>Delete History.

Here, if you press the existing button called Delete history you have finished: but, yes, the data collection is still active. If you want to stop it, read our below guide.

How to stop Amazon from saving your search history?

At first, you need to navigate all the steps describe from the beginning of this article Sequence: [Home>>Your Account>>Personalized Content>>Browsing History>>Manage].

Now, you will discover a toggle button beside “Turn history on/off” sections. Now, click on the toggle button to Off.

In this way, you prevent Amazon from saving your browsing history. Though the situation can be reversed whenever you wish.

As you can see, it is completely possible to clear Amazon search history from its application and, in fact, to make recommendations more precise – or simply to increase your privacy, which is always very important – is worth managing properly this.

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