How to change the font of your WhatsApp messages

Easily change the font of WhatsApp status using app and short-code.

Although WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application, it does not offer many customisation options. It is only possible to change our profile photo, status, letter size or chat background.

It is true that we have later seen how the application owned by Facebook has added the possibility of giving some formatting to the text of our messages like putting text in bold, italic or crossed out, however, we are going to show you how to change the font of your WhatsApp messages .

Steps to change WhatsApp font using Apps
Steps to change WhatsApp font without using Apps
Shorthand code for WhatsApp typography
Send a bold message in Whatsapp
Send a message in italic
Send a Strikethrough message in WhatsApp

“Stylish Text is undoubtedly one of the best, as well as allowing us to change the font of WhatsApp.”

Being a feature not available in WhatsApp, we will have to rely on third-party applications to be able to change the font in your WhatsApp messages.

It also allows us to do so in other messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.

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Steps to change WhatsApp font using Apps

Therefore, the first thing we have to do is install Stylish Text App on our Android mobile, because at the moment only available the operating system of Google.

Download Link: Stylish Text for Android
Developer: TheRuralGuys
Price: Free

  • Once we have the application on the mobile, we have to activate the requested permissions and activate it from the switch that shows us in the upper right.
  • With Stylish Text fully activated, we will see how we are shown a list with more than 80 different fonts that we can use to send our WhatsApp messages.
  • To use any of these types of letters, you just have to touch the star that appears next to the font to activate it.

change whatsapp font style

  • Once this is done, automatically, when we enter any WhatsApp chat and write a message, we will see how a bubble appears with the Stylish Text logo.
  • Once we have the message writer, simply tap on the bubble to make the text is automatically converted to the previously chosen font and we can send it now.

Regardless of the chosen font, the contact to which we send this message can see the font format without any problem even if he/she do not have the Stylish Text application installed on him/her mobile.

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In any case, the application bubble does not come out by default to convert the font automatically, it is possible to use any format in them if we write the text from Stylish Text and then we click on the option to share and we choose the application where we want to add the text with that format.

Steps to change WhatsApp font without using Apps

The typography of WhatsApp messages could not be changed until now! This popular instant messaging app has released a new functionality that allows you to modify the source of the messages, something totally new and innovative.

Until now, if you wanted to change the letter you had to go to the settings of the mobile to modify, from there, the typography that will be seen on the screen but, of course, this not only affected WhatsApp but also all other applications that you had installed .

However, from now on we will be able to modify the typography of our messages and in this article we are going to tell you how to change the font in WhatsApp without using any apps.

Shorthand code for WhatsApp typography

Especially note that following guide will work on your device if you have the latest version of WhatsApp. Otherwise, the older version of WhatsApp you have installed would not recognise this code.

So, if you want to change WhatsApp’s typography go to Google Play or the App Store to download the latest version of the application and thus be able to try these new features.

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To be able to change the font in WhatsApp we should only open the application and go to any of the messages that we have open. Enter one of them and, when you start to write your message, put three serious or open accents (</strong>) at the beginning of the text and close it with three other serious accents at the end (<strong>).

Thus, an example of a text would be:

Text Input: I am typing WhatsApp letter

Text Output:

I am typing WhatsApp letter

As soon as you send the message , you will see that in the conversation you will see a new typeface and this is the new one that you can use.

WhatsApp new font

In addition to this change, currently in this application also can change the formats of the letter and, for example, put bold, italic or strikethrough in WhatsApp .

It is a new functionality that allows us to highlight some messages that we send and use a more adjusted and customised textual format.

Send a bold message in WhatsApp

For a word or phrase to be highlighted in bold, we must put an asterisk () both in front and behind it. So:
Text Input:
Example of bold*

Text Output: Example of bold

WhatsApp bold message

Send a message in italic

If we want to cite something or simply use a italic then our message should be accompanied by a dash under (_) both in the beginning and end of the text. An example would be:

Text Input: Example of Italic

Text Output: Example of Italic

WhatsApp Italic Message

Send a Strikethrough message in WhatsApp

If we want to cross out a word or a phrase in this app we will only have to accompany them from the Tilde (~) both at the beginning and at the end of the message. Example:

Text Input: ~Example of Strike through~

Text Output: Example of Strike through

WhatsApp Strikethrough message

We point out that for all these new features of the application to be seen on your mobile device or your friend’s, it is imperative that both of you have the new updated version .

It may be that you see the formatted message (with bold and with the new font) but that, however, your friend does not see it like this: the reason is that you have to update the app so you can see it correctly.

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