How to change location on Tinder premium and free account?

Are you a free Tinder account holder and want to change Tinder location setting? You may think that you can change Tinder current location setting without being a premium member. Here we’ll provide you two methods to change location on Tinder for both free and premium user.

Tinder is based on the geographical position to show people and this location can be changed in the app to meet new people par excellence. An app that has changed a bit the landscape of this type of applications with which you can find the love of your life or simply a friend or friend.

Tinder, always in the limelight, uses a premium service with which you can access a series of advantages like infinite likes as well as a limited number of superbikes, with which you can immediately tell someone else that your bones are they lose for theirs.

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Among all these premium options there is a really great as it is to change the location, and that you can serve to meet people from other places, as it can be in that stay on the next vacation or when you go on a study trip to another country.

How to change the location from Premium account?

If you have a premium Tinder account, you can easily change your location setting on Tinder. You just need to follow 4 simple steps which are following:

  • Go to your Tinder profile.
  • Select setting.

Tinder Profile Settings

  • Within the “discovery settings” click on “My current location” and

Tinder Location Setting

  • Select “add a new location” to put the one we want to change.

Change Tinder Location

Once this is done, you can change your location in cities such as London, New York or other cities to even practice other languages and meet new people from other countries. The best excuse to improve your English or another language, as it happens with this series of applications.

The only thing that this alternative is limited to the premium service of Tinder so that at the moment you dispense with the service, you will find yourself in your original geographical location. Although we propose another way do it “free”.

How to change locations for a free account?

We are going to do it on Facebook so that we use the social network login in Tinder and it understands that we are in a specific city. In this way, we will save ourselves by going through the premium payment service of Tinder to change the city and thus meet people from those places that we are going to visit soon.

Change Tinder location using the Facebook web:

You can change Tinder current location setting by changing Facebook location setting. Here I’m going to describe how do you change Tinder location with the Facebook web.

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  • We go to our profile by clicking on our profile photo on Facebook.
  • On the left side, in the “Intro” panel, click on the pencil icon that will open a series of options.
  • This opens a series of options such as “Add Current City“. You can also edit your current city settings on Facebook by clicking on the Pencil icon beside it.
  • Click on the Pencil icon and it will open a new page.
  • Now delete your previous city name and type your new city name there.
  • Click on “Save Changes“.

Now we only have to log in again in Tinder, and the app will automatically reflect the new location.

Change Tinder location using the Facebook app:

If you are more flexible of using the Facebook mobile application rather than the web version, you can change current location setting using it too.

  • Firstly open the Facebook official app and click on the menu icon represented by three horizontal bars.
  • Now click on your profile photo.

Facebook Profile Page

  • Click on “edit details” to open a series of options related to your profile.

Edit Facebook Details

  • Drop down to find out the current city option. Edit the information by clicking on the pencil icon beside the current city.

Edit Current Location

  • Now tap on the city name below current city title and type your new city.
  • Finally, click on “Save” button to change Facebook current city location.

Change Location of Tinder

  • We will have the new location ready with which Tinder will understand that he has to find us new people in that geographical position.

Through Facebook, we have the option to save a few euros and forget about the premium service to change the location of Tinder, one of those aspects that, apart from offering us the option of meeting people wherever we go on vacation, allow us to practice languages.

Two simple ways to change the location of Tinder, in one case paying for premium features, and in the other for free.

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