How to center Instagram bio text?

Do you know what is centering Instagram bio and how to center your Instagram Bio text without coding? How to make your Instagram bio spaced out in lines to center Instagram Bio text?

Learn Instagram bio tricks to copy and paste on Instagram and skip lines without coding. Also, read the pros and cons of Instagram centered vs staggered bio.

Instagram bio features becoming more and more popular today. It helps you represent yourself in front your Instagram user simply looking at your bio. You can easily highlight professional expertize, personality in an eye-catching way.

You can redesign Instagram bio creatively like centering text or stagger text to make you stand alone among the crowd.

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MsnTechBlog will explain elaborately about creative Instagram bio, stagger bio, pros and cons of each one and how to center Instagram bio text in step by step.

Why is it important to make your Instagram Bio attractive?


Instagram Bio represents a summary of yourself. Instagram also displays bio details very first when someone lands on your profile page. Therefore, Bio creates the first impression about your expertise, lifestyle, and personality. In a word, It acts as a trailer of a movie.

If someone wants to know about you, he/she may look at a glance of your Instagram bio to learn about you. Therefore, Bio also plays important role in increasing your popularity on Instagram and gaining more likes and followers.

Thus you should write a best Instagram bio to get followers preciously.

By the way, Instagram Bio is a very small section, so you need to choose your words wisely. You can’t make Instagram bio more than 150 characters to describe yourself.

How to center Instagram Bio?

Centering your Instagram Bio is nothing but a simple trick which is neither very easier nor very harder than you thought. You don’t have to be an expert user of Instagram or don’t need any special coding knowledge.

You just need to trick the app to display white spaces which usually it doesn’t support.

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Here we will reveal the trick to center Instagram Bio using both Instagram app on Android or iPhone as well as Instagram web version using Windows or Mac computers.

How to center Instagram Bio on Android or iPhone?

Firstly, you have to Open Instagram app installed on your Android or iPhone.

Click on the Human icon at the bottom right corner of your Android phone.

Access Instagram Profile Page

Now click on the button Edit Profile.

Edit Profile Instagram App

Scroll down to find out Instagram Bio section. You need to click within the Textbox to edit and center your Instagram bio. This will activate the text-editing mode and Android or iPhone keyboard will pop up.

Center your Instagram Bio Text

Finally, you need to follow those steps described in “Common Steps to Insert white space within Instagram Bio“.

How to center your Instagram Bio on PC?

Firstly, you have to visit the Instagram website by PC or Mac browser. Click on the link: Instagram Official Website

Now, you have to Login your IG account using username and password.

If you entered all the details correctly, you will be redirected to the Homepage of your web version Instagram account.

Click on the Human icon beside Instagram love symbol. You will now redirect to IG profile page.

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Now, you need to click on the Edit Profile button beside Gear icon.

Edit Instagram Profile

There you will find a TextBox area titled as “Bio”. You can write anything within this Bio Text Input area, even an Empty white space. We will use this facility to center Instagram Bio.

Center Instagram Bio On PC

Finally, follow all those steps described in “Common steps to insert white space within Instagram Bio“.

Common steps to insert white space within Instagram Bio

To center Instagram Bio, you need to access your bio page as previously discussed. Follow below steps:

  • Firstly, you need to put empty white spaces inside the box a sufficient amount and then type the text.
  • The most important thing is that you can not type spaces. If you type spaces, Instagram will automatically delete them and make your Bio ugly while you save it.
  • The trick is that Instagram can’t detect white spaces when you copy from another source and paste it inside Bio. Therefore, you have to copy and then paste white spaces from another source.
  • Instagram Bio Space Copy and Paste: Now, copy the empty spaces within two curly brackets {  }. Remember to copy only white spaces, do not copy the curly brackets.

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  • Click on the TextBox and paste those spaces several times before your Bio.
  • When it reaches approximately center of the text box, keeping almost equal white space on both left and right sides, Type real words representing your Instagram Bio.

Instagram Centered Bio Text

  • You can adjust the centering of text on Instagram Bio by deleting those white spaces by pressing “Backspace” key on the keyboard.
  • Now, shift the cursor to the right side of the last word of the first sentence, either by pressing “right arrow” key or by moving the mouse pointer and left click.
  • Instagram Bio Line Break: Finally, Press the Enter key on Keyboard to jump to the next line.
  • Repeat the same process again for other lines.
  • Whenever Instagram Bio editing completes, you need to click on the “Submit” or” button to save changes.

Wondering what to put in your Instagram Bio?

evaluate review star comments

You may have seen some Instagram bio’s which probably looks ugly and a mess and some others Bio’s look clean and professional. Though there is a limitation to use only 150 characters, you can still make it professional and eye-catching.

Here MsnTechBlog will suggest some tips to write creative Instagram Bio:

  • You need to use short expressive words to represent yourself. The Instagram bio may look like a cluster of words if you just provide too much information in the tiny space all jam-packed.
  • Therefore you should either stager or center your Instagram Bio texts to provide an attractive appearance.
  • Centering text on Instagram Bio looks better if you start with short sentences that become larger from top to bottom sequentially.

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  • If working with Instagram Bio editor appears to be difficult, you can compose it within Microsoft Word editor for perfection. Simply open a file on any text editing software and write your bio and center it. There you can edit and observe centering text easily.
  • Save and look at your Bio to find how exactly it appears on your profile page after centering text.

Why should I center my Instagram bio?

Designing your Instagram bio solely depends on your personal choice. You may like stagger or centered text on Instagram bio as you like.

You may design the best Instagram bio to get more followers or best Instagram bio to represent your attitude, Instagram bio for girls or boys, etc. Whatever you choose to design your bio, should make sense and format compliments the content.

Good Instagram Bio Examples:

Instagram Centered Bio Text
Centered Instagram Bio

Instagram centered bio format draw your visitor attention and highlights information in more eye-appealing format. Whether Instagram Stagger Bio performs well for three or four clean statements larger than one another. But it doesn’t perform well to highlight contact information.

Staggered Instagram Bio Text
Stagger Instagram Bio Text

For example, the second bio’s display contact information which length is too short than the previous sentence. Thus it looks odd. Centered bio would focus contact information more appropriately than the stagger bio focused.

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Cool Instagram bio with Emoji:

You don’t have to center your Instagram bio by using white spaces. You can also add emojis and other special characters to make something more beautiful.

Though you can also use emojis or characters within staggers bio, it will not appeal in the same way as it would in centering bio.

Why should not center my Instagram Bio?

Centering Instagram bio has also drawback too. Since Instagram limits the number of characters to write on bio, the number of spaces you paste count too.

  • The spaces that you include in your bio decrease the number of text characters you are allowed to write there. So, as a result, you ultimately get an even less number of characters to write your bio.
  • Instagram bios have a maximum 150 characters limit including meaningless white spaces.
  • Instagram centered bio shows poor display on the desktop computer. By the way, most people usages Instagram using a smartphone, so you don’t need to think about it.

That’s all from my point of view regarding “how to center Instagram bio“. You should think about what kind of message you want to provide your followers when will they look at your bio and what information you want to highlight.

However, If you are not sure till now whether or not to center your Instagram bio, run a test and collect opinion from your followers and friends. It is always beneficial for gathering opinions from friends and followers for any change you have made in your life too.

Hopefully, you are searching for more similar articles like How to Center Instagram Bio, you should check our articles within the Instagram category.

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