How to always see Downloads button in Firefox Quantum

Tutorial in which we explain how to always make visible the download button and how to access downloads through the Firefox Quantum menu.

The Internet has become an essential element in our daily life in the workplace as every day because through the network the possibilities of finding information in a single click and without moving from home are endless. In addition to the search for information on different topics, one of the tasks that we carry out frequently through the current browsers is the downloading of elements of the network, be they videos, music, programs, and so on, since in the network we found millions of useful options to use.

Role of browser Download icon
How to find Firefox Quantum downloads folder from menu?
How to permanently visible Firefox Quantum downloads icon?
--Browser settings | Method one
--Source code | Method Two

It is for this reason that Internet browsers charge a fundamental role at the time that user can access this information and each of them offers us some features that differentiate them from the rest in some of their aspects and that makes us decide for them when surfing the Internet. One of the modern web browsers that have been developed in a special way to provide the best features is Firefox Quantum.

There, the Downloads button in the toolbar allows us to quickly access to view and manage downloads. Done through this, but Firefox Quantum deactivates the button by default from version 57 so that it only shows it in the blue background when some element has been downloaded in the current session:

download icon of firefox quantum

Thus, the next time that Firefox Quantum is opened, the Downloads button will be hidden again until an element is downloaded. MsnTechBlog will explain how we can make this download button permanently visible in the Firefox Quantum toolbar.

If we do not want to make the “Downloads” button of Quantum visible by space issues, it will be possible to access the downloads through the Firefox Quantum menu.

Step 1

To do this, click on the Quantum menu icon and select the “Library” option:

Firefox Quantum Library

Step 2

When you will click there, the following options will display:

access firefox quantum download folder

Click on the “Downloads” option.

Step 3

We will see the list of downloads made in Firefox Quantum.

There it will be possible to right click on each download to use any of the following options:

  • Open the folder that contains the download
  • Go to the download page
  • Copy the download link
  • Delete the history download.

If we want to view all the downloads made, click on the Show all downloads button located at the bottom.

By default Firefox quantum download icon is hidden from the toolbar. But you can make it permanently visible in two different ways – using browser source code or using browser settings. 

Browser settings to display Firefox Quantum Downloads icon permanently | Method one

You can simply change some browser settings to show the Firefox Quantum download icon in the browser toolbar. Just follow 3 steps:

Step 1

Now, if we want to always have the “Downloads” button in Quantum, we must press again on the browser menu and select:


firefox quantum customize

Note: Remember that the "Downloads" button is displayed temporarily in the toolbar, but disappears when you finish the customization of the toolbar so it will be necessary to configure it to be permanent.

Step 2

To achieve this, we will click on the “Downloads” icon and deactivate the “Autohide” checkbox, which will automatically display after the click.

permanent download icon

Click on the “Done” button located in the lower right corner of the browser.

Step 3

In this way the “Downloads” button will be visible even without downloading something in Quantum:

download icon of firefox quantum

There are a number of settings that are hidden in Firefox Quantum for security reasons; this is because a bad manipulation or configuration can create a negative impact on the behavior of the browser.

Step 1

To use this method, we go to a new tab and in the URL bar we enter the following:


The following message will show:

accept the risk

Click on the button:

I accept the risk!

Step 2

In the search box at the top, we enter the term:


The following screen will show:

Search autohide

Step 3

There we will double-click on the below line:

If you have done it correctly, the “Value” column goes from “true” to “false” as below:

Firefox Quantum Download IconSo, we have two practical options to make visible the download button in Firefox Quantum and access them in a functional way.

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