How to add someone on telegram?

Find someone on Telegram to add in contact list or invite your friends on Telegram.

Telegram is another popular instant messaging application allowing us to communicate with our beloved friends and family easily. Whenever you are joining a new messaging application, you need your friends and family there to communicate. Although the new app provides very enrich features, without your friends, it will be useless. Thus, you have to know the contact management of instant messaging apps in order to invite friends, to add someone on Telegram or to delete a telegram contact.

Similar to WhatsApp, we can find someone on Telegram, invite friends and add contacts to the telegram. But Telegram has some distinct useful feature, like opening secret chat session, end-to-end encryption messages, better privacy, and security, which makes it the best alternative to WhatsApp.

In this MsnTechBlog article, we will tell you how to add new contacts and invite existing contacts on Telegram.

Instructions to add someone on Telegram:

Whenever you download and install Telegram apps on your Android or iPhone, it accesses our phone contact lists. Immediately, Telegram adds all the phone contacts in its contact list and displays profile of friends those who are already using Telegram.

We can define two conditions regarding adding a contact on Telegram:

  1. Contact is saved in your phonebook, but he/she doesn’t use Telegram: You need to send an invitation to the contact.
  2. Contact isn’t in your phonebook: You need to add him/her to the contact.

How to add contact on Telegram?

Before adding a new contact on Telegram, you need to know him/her nationality and phone no. If you know that information, proceed as below:

Summary: Open>>Menu>>Contacts>>+>>Enter First Name, Last Name, Phone No>>Invite.

  • Open Telegram apps on your Android or iPhone.
  • Click on the three horizontal bars on top left sides of the screen.
  • Search for “Contacts” option and click on it.

add someone on telegram contacts

  • Find “+” symbol which lies on top right sides of the screen and clicks on it.
  • Now you’ve to add friend’s “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Country”, “Mobile No”.
  • Finally, click on “Done”.


If your friend is already using Telegram messaging apps, he/she will immediately add to your Telegram contact.

Otherwise, Telegram will display a prompt message that your friends don’t use Telegram and will ask you to send an invitation.

How to delete telegram contact on Android or iPhone?

Just click on “Invite” to inform your friends that you are using Telegram apps and you want him/her to install and use it.

How to invite friends on Telegram?

You can send invitation letter to your contacts saved in your phone easily. Announced the world that you are using Telegram instant messaging application.

Summary: Open>>Menu>>Invite Friends>>Select Contacts>>Invite to Telegram

  1. Open Telegram apps on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Click on the three horizontal bars on top left sides of the screen.
  3. Find and go “Invite Friends”.
  4. Click on each contact you want to select.
  5. Whenever a selection is completed, click on “Invite to Telegram”. A message containing invitation letter will be sent to the selected contact list.

invite telegram contacts

Note: This method may cost money for sending messages.

As soon as your contacts installed and open the Telegram apps, their profile will appear in Telegram contact list. Thus, you can easily start a chat, group chat and calling using Telegram apps.

Hopefully, this article will help all Telegram users to add and invite friends and families. However, if you feel any difficulties, don’t forget to contact me via the comment section.

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