How to activate protect OneDrive folders in Windows 10

Learn how to activate the option to protect OneDrive folders in Windows 10.

Your files and folder will be protected from any malware or ransomware secured by Microsoft Cloud.

The security and availability of information are always one of the main objectives that Microsoft has in its new editions of systems both at the user and company level. This includes all the integrated applications and functions available in these systems.

Recently, Microsoft added a new feature for users of the OneDrive cloud platform, which had renamed Auto Save. We can enable or disable it from OneDrive context menu in Windows 10 taskbar.

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Thanks to this new function make possible to backup copies of our documents, photos, and more delicate files. OneDrive will be able to move and store the contents of the folders of Desktop, Documents, and Images in the cloud which gives us a step of security and availability of information, once there, it will be possible to access the data loaded in OneDrive from any place which results in availability.

Just you need to copy and paste any files or folders within One Drive folder to make it protected.

From our point of view remember that we recommend encrypting information regardless of whether you want to have it in the local or in the cloud. If you really want 100% security, you should not forget the use of putting a password with encrypted files or folders that you consider.

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This comprehensive function is not only responsible for carrying out backups but also has a function that allows the items stored there have protection against ransomware: thanks to its detection and recovery functions.

Enable function to protect OneDrive folders in Windows 10

  • To start this process, right click on the OneDrive icon in the taskbar. Within the pop-up window, we select “More” and then, click on the option “Settings“:

One Drive Settings

  • A new window will show where we go to the Auto-save tab as follows:

One Drive Auto Save Tab

  • By default, you will see the Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders set to “This PC only” option. We click on the arrow icon to change this option “OneDrive“.
  • The following window displays the final set up to protect folders with this new function of OneDrive:

Protect Important Folders

  • Once selected, click on the “OK” button and initiate the protection process.
  • We see that each element being protected will have the OneDrive icon in the respective Windows 10 libraries:

One Drive Folder

Do you want other files and folder to be protected? Just copy that files or folder into the "OneDrive" folder to do so.

With this new feature, Microsoft has added one more layer of security for our information in the system. If you use the OneDrive tool often to save files in the cloud, this is an essential functionality to take into account.

Remember that you can also have password encrypted files that are vitally important in the USB.

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