How much does it cost Apple to make an iPhone X

The cost of manufacturing the iPhone X is around $ 412, compared to its consumer price starting at $ 999.

The iPhone X stands out as a high-performance phone that offers a multitude of new features compared to previous iterations of the brand, but unfortunately for our pockets also stands out for its high price with a 64GB model that in Spain will reach 1159 € and the 256GB the 1329 €, compared to the 999 € of the cheapest model in the United States. Price of iPhone X varies significantly from one country to another. Be that as it may, scratching your pocket to buy the iPhone X, but have you ever wondered what it costs Apple to make the phone?

For from China have revealed the cost of manufacturing the iPhone X revealing the benefits that are taken from Cupertino for each unit produced, but with many nuances. The cost of production of the iPhone X is $ 412.75, representing about 60% of profit compared to the selling price of the terminal, a higher percentage compared to the international price of the phone.

The countries you can travel to buy iPhone X cheaply.

The most expensive component of the iPhone X is undoubtedly its panel Super Retina Samsung that reaches an approximate cost of 80 dollars. Also worth noting is the production price of the chip A11 ($ 26), Qualcomm’s own chip modem ($ 18), Face ID sensor ($ 25), glass front panel ($ 18), 256GB ($ 45) or 3GB of RAM ($ 24), among other costs.

In any case, the terminal benefit of 60% is not correct since Apple also has to deal with R & D expenses, tariffs, taxes of each country or the cost of production of software that is not included in the study. Even so, if Apple sells the iPhone X well, you will have no problem to monetize the launch.

As a comparison of previous phones, the Galaxy S8 was costing $ 307, the iPhone 7 about $ 224 and the iPhone 6s about $ 187, now taking into account that its cost of manufacturing components is cheaper.

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