How does WeTransfer work and how to send files via WeTransfer?

Do you know WeTransfer, a cloud based file transfer service? This guide explains how does WeTransfer work as well as how to send files via WeTransfer which will be automatically deleted within 7 days!

Cloud services and platforms for content delivery are increasingly popular and if you need to send heavy files such as video or images you will surely be interested in knowing how to use and send files via WeTransfer, a web platform that has a free version with the possibility of sending up to 2GB of content to different recipients.

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How does WeTransfer works?

WeTransfer is a web platform that can be used to upload your files similar like YouTube. You can upload your files to WeTransfer web server via their website. You can either get a link to that file or directly send email containing link of that content from WeTransfer website. You can input several files as well as several email address of your contacts.

WeTransfer Free Vs WeTransfer Plus

With its free version, those files are available only for to download within predefined time of expiration as well as have file size limit. But you can also access its paid version, being able to do the same procedure but with 20GB of space and extended file expiration duration.

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How to send files via WeTransfer?

The operation of WeTransfer is perhaps one of the simplest and most intuitive that exists between this type of platforms, to send files to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the WeTransfer website: WeTransfer. Click on landed page to open terms and condition page.
  • Now you need to click on Agree button to accept their terms and condition.

Agree WeTransfer Terms

  • Once on the WeTransfer website, in order to use it, you must choose the files you want to send and attach them, you can add as many as you wish.
  • Then you must place the emails of the people to whom you want to send that content.
  • Then you must place your email so that the person can identify the origin of the received files
  • You can also add a message next to the email to make a brief explanation of what is sent.
  • Once all the content has been added and all the fields have been filled out, you must click on Transfer.

Send Files Via WeTransfer

  • After a few minutes, the recipient will receive an email from WeTransfer with the notification about the files sent that will expire after 7 days of being sent for download.

Next, to the transfer button, you have a menu that is displayed and in which you can choose to send us an email and as a link, plus two other blocked options for the Plus version that allows you to choose the expiration time of the files and set a password to download them.

If you wanted to know how to use WeTransfer we have explained it in a quick and simple way. Hopefully it will help you a lot!

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