How do I know if my mobile camera is good?

Are you confuse about the camera quality of your newly bought smartphone, Searching for a method to check camera quality of smartphone? This guides will show you 4 unique methods to judge your smartphone camera effectively.

Having a mobile phone with a good camera is the daily bread. You might buy a smartphone which seemed to you that have excellent camera quality. But, can you judge that the camera on your smartphone has an extraordinary photographic section? If not, you should stay to observe the following information, because here you will find all the indications to know if your smartphone has a superior camera.

How to know if the camera of a mobile phone is good?
  1. Megapixels are important, but not as much as you imagined
  2. The stabilization of digital and optical image, another indispensable
  3. Focal opening, the cherry on the cake
  4. Autofocus

Knowing what the important points of a camera are is simple. Today, there are several factors that play in favor of a good photographic sensor, so each of them must have excellent specifications. For this reason, you will know those characteristics that you must take into account in the camera of a mobile below.

How to know if the camera of a mobile phone is good?

Judging an Android phone camera quality isn’t a straightforward way. You need to check several aspects before deciding whether the camera is good or not. In this article, we’ll focus on basic requirements declare that Android phone camera is excellent.

Megapixels are important, but not as much as you imagined

In the first place, we have a point so commented that it is of more to analyze it thoroughly here. In case you did not know, there are smartphones on the market with a 12-megapixel camera that are better than a 20-megapixel camera. As explained in this comparison, a sensor with less MP can provide better photographs than one with more MP.

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Megapixels are responsible for telling us how many pixels a photo will have. For example, 1 megapixel equals 1 million pixels, so 8 MP is equal to 8 million pixels. Although of course, the more pixels have a better photo, because with this we can extend it without losing quality.

The stabilization of digital and optical image, another indispensable

Stabilization of digital and optical image

The second point of the list has to do with aesthetics at the level of precision and stabilization. In this sense, we come across two types of image stabilization: digital and optical. Digital image stabilization works thanks to software. On the other hand, optical image stabilization (OIS) works through a mechanical process to prevent involuntary hand movements from producing negative results.

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Personally, optical image stabilization is the best alternative, although both options allow stabilized photographs and help eliminate those sudden movements that obscure the quality of the image. So before buying a mobile, make sure you integrate one of these two stabilization modes in the photographic sensor.

Focal opening, the cherry on the cake

Camera Aperture

The aperture is the one that indicates the luminosity of the lens that it incorporates. In short, the lighter the photo has the better. Usually, letter f expresses the value of aperture, such as f/2.0, f/2.4 … the smaller the number, the greater the light input. In the current market, for example, a camera with a focal aperture of f/2.0 or less at this number usually provides excellent images.

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The Galaxy S9 is one of the phones that best implements this function because it has a variable aperture either f/1.5 or f/2.4 along with all these features in its photographic section. In conclusion, if the phone has an opening of f/2.0 or less to it, better than better.


Auto Focus

The fourth and last point of the list has to do with the possibility of the mobile approaching the image automatically and without the need for help from the user. Mobile cameras with this feature simply select the main part of the image, leaving blurred the background and serve as background.

And so, with these 4 points, you can know if the camera of a mobile phone is good or not. Do not forget to advise on any of them and you can reach the best choice when buying a smartphone.

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