Hide online status to appear offline WhatsApp iPhone/Android

How to appear offline WhatsApp to check messages offline. 2 ways to hide online status on Android and iPhone.

Appear Offline WhatsApp is solved one of the biggest problems in today’s digital world is the lack of privacy.

Certain instant messaging applications (like WeChat, WhatsApp) use geolocation to determine where we are sending the messages we send with that particular application.

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This is a serious problem for those who do not want the company to know its location or the contacts it is chatting with.

In addition, in the same way, both the company of the application and our contacts can know at what time we connect or not.

 Download and install GB ChatOffline App
 Start offline chat with your WhatsApp contacts
 Configure WhatsApp Application setting
 Requirements and Initialisation
 Finding WhatsApp Settings Option
 Configure Various Settings
 Finalise Settings and Enjoy!
 Using AirPlan Mode of Phone 
 Introduction of AirPlan Method
 AirPlan process to go WhatsApp offline
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In the case of the application of WhatsApp, luckily, the fact that the time that you connect is displayed is a choice of yours and it is very easy to prevent others from seeing if you are online or not and at what time.

So, if you want to know how to hide online status to appear offline on WhatsApp, keep reading this article from MSNTECHBLOG and discover all the steps to follow to achieve it quickly and easily.

Instruction to hide online status on WhatsApp:

There are two method to hide online status and appear offline on WhatsApp:

  1. Install ChatOffline app and Configure WhatsApp application settings
  2. Using Smartphone AirPlan Mode

Method-1: Download and install GB ChatOffline app from Google Play [100% working]

Disabling WhatsApp online status is not possible from WhatsApp official application till now. But you can do it perfectly by installing a third-party app from Google Play store.

1:- Open Google Play store apps (not available now, download .apk) on your Android device and search for “GB ChatOffline” or you can simply click on the below link:

GBChatOffline Hide Online Status [Play Store]

GBChatOffline Android Apps [APKpure Link]

Note: If you are downloading .apk file outside play store, you might have worried about seeing the message “This type of file can harm your device”. Don’t worry, apkpure is one of the best Play Store alternative. Accept installation and enjoy!

2:- After installation, open this app and give permission to access your phone.


Start offline chat with your WhatsApp contacts

Hopefully you’ve completed all the steps above from installing GB ChatOffline Apps.

3:- Now open “GB ChatOffline” application to start offline chat with your WhatsApp contact. Remember, you can’t chat from your default WhatsApp, you need to do it from GB ChatOffline apps to appear offline.

So you can leave the rest of the messages to respond later without fear that someone later tells you that you had already been connected hours ago or that you had read your message a while ago and you had not said anything.

4:- Now, you can send WhatsApp messages offline but you need to configure your WhatsApp application so that whenever you read someones message and leave WhatsApp, no one can get read notification and “Last seen” on WhatsApp.

Appear offline WhatsApp and check messages using WhatsApp Setting:

Requirements and Initialization of appear offline WhatsApp:

1) If you want to know how to go on WhatsApp without appearing online, the first thing to know is that it does not matter if your phone is an Android device or iOS, you can do it the same way. To start, you must enter the WhatsApp application. You will see that the application goes directly to the Chats option.

For iOS:

Below Chats option you will find the list of contacts with whom you hold a conversation. There is a menu in which options such as Favorites, Calls, Contacts, Chats, and Settings appear.

You must enter the Setting option which has a gear shape, the icon that indicates this function or the tool of the application.

For Android:

In case of an Android device you will perform the same thing, the only difference is that the Configuration menu is indicated to top right with three vertical points.

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Discover setting to go WhatsApp offline (Same for Android and iOS):

To remove “Online Status” from WhatsApp, a state that not everyone wants to be visible, once you are inside Settings you must enter the Account option that is indicated with a key icon. In Account, we will find, among other things, the option to configure or grade our privacy in this application, since it contains the necessary settings to appear offline on WhatsApp.

img2 hide online status whatsapp

Re-configure WhatsApp Settings:

When entering the option of Account of the Configuration menu, you will see that mainly appear the following tabs:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Two-step verification
  • Change number
  • Delete my account

To achieve your goal to Hide Online Status to Appear Offline on WhatsApp, when you connect, you have to enter the Privacy tab. When you enter this option, you will see several more options appear:

  • Last seen
  • Profile photo
  • About
  • Status
  • Blocked contacts: None
  • Reading receipts

All these tabs of adjustments allow us to regulate everything to our liking, for example, the Confirmations of reading we can activate or deactivate them and these serve us to know or not, depending on what we choose, if the contacts we write have read or not the message.

Likewise, if we disconnect them they will not be able to see if we have read the message or not. Therefore, in this menu, you have several settings possibilities that may interest you. In this case, to hide online status on WhatsApp, you must enter the “Last Seen” tab.

Final step to appear offline WhatsApp:

To continue knowing how to appear offline on WhatsApp, once you have entered this option, you can choose whether you want your contacts to see or not your connection Last Seen. Within this tab you can choose from the following options:

  • Everyone
  • My Contacts
  • Nobody

With Everyone option, everyone will see your online and offline status whether the thing is different for “My Contacts” and “Nobody” options.

So that no person, whether you have him/her in your contacts or not,  will see if you are connected in WhatsApp or you should select the option Nobody, so no one at all will know if you are online.

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You should understand that by doing this changes others will not see this about you.

Now that your WhatsApp account settings are already set to ensure greater privacy, you have the ability to respond only to messages that you consider most important.

Method-2: Appear Offline WhatsApp and Hide Online Status using AirPlan Mode

Introduction of AirPlan Method to hide online status WhatsApp :

There is another way to get unnoticed when you connect to WhatsApp, but in reality, this method still needs more testing to ensure that it works at all. To be able to read and send messages without anyone knowing if you are connected to the application, in addition to the above, you can also use the Airplane Mode.

Go on WhatsApp without appearing online with AirPlan method:

When you activate this mode in Whatsapp, the mobile device simply disconnects from any Internet connection either be it Wi-Fi or mobile data. Thus you can enter the WhatsApp application, read the messages and only respond to those you want without anyone Know that they have been read.

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Once you have done this, close the application and deactivate the airplane mode to reconnect to the Internet, and then the messages that you have answered will be sent, and your contacts will see if you have read their messages or not.

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