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Are you concern about your privacy while using social media, messaging or other internet services on smartphones? Do you want to make fun with your friends by calling and sending direct messages or using social media chat? This guides shows you a method using GrooVe IP to make calls and send messages anonymously or without anyone knowing.

Can you imagine being able to make calls and send messages for free without anyone detecting your number? It is possible thanks to GrooVe IP. WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world, followed by Telegram and Facebook Messenger, so we will give you another equally valid option to make calls and send messages for free.

GrooVe IP has the sole objective of offering an extra and free mobile line. With this line, you can make calls, send messages, and even use it for WhatsApp, but without anyone detecting our real number.

What is Groove IP? An app to make calls and send free messages

groove ip make calls and send message without anyone knowing

There are times, that for reasons of privacy, we do not want to show our phone number. This is where the GrooVe IP free app comes into play. Thanks to this app you can make calls and send messages to any number of any country totally free.

WhatsApp already lets you listen to audios before sending them

With GrooVe IP we will have a virtual number to make calls and send messages for free. GrooVe IP only allows us to register with our Google mail and only assigns us a phone number for each download to make calls and send messages for free.

How to GrooVe IP to register on WhatsApp without using your Phone number?

Are you thinking is it possible to register on WhatsApp without using your phone number? Yes, absolutely possible. How’s that? You may ask providing phone number is mandatory while singing up on WhatsApp. That’s right too! Are  you confused? I will ask you, can you surf internet hiding your IP address by using proxy? If that is possible then you can also manage fake phone number to register on WhatsApp too. Yes, that’s exactly the GrooVe IP do.

How to get a fake phone number using GrooVe IP and register on WhatsApp?

  • Once we have installed GrooVe IP and WhatsApp, we must verify the phone number that we GrooVe IP. This process usually takes a few minutes until GrooVe IP assigns us a free number, so while, we leave WhatsApp open in the background.
  • If we already have WhatsApp in the background, we go to GrooVe IP and press gets started.
  • Now we would begin the registration process in the app, and to do this, fill in everything: email, password, gender, and age.
  • With all the above made, now just touch select a valid phone number for our WhatsApp. Click on Number Selection and add 3 digits, for example, 813.
  • Click on Search and we will see a list of phone numbers.
  • The complicated thing is now since we must choose a phone from the list at random and test if WhatsApp verifies it properly. In case of error, we should try another one, and so on until we verify it and press Next.
  • When we verify the number we must give OK, but before pressing it, we must go to GrooVe IP and select the number that yes verify us and press Select Number.
  • If everything is ok, we already have that number assigned and it is ours. Now we just have to go back to the WhatsApp app and press OK to verify the number.
  • Back in GrooVe IP, click on Call me and we will get the activation code. We wrote down the number and hung up. This number must be written in the WhatsApp app to activate it.

As a final recommendation, do not delete the GrooVe IP app, because once you register, you can not go back. If you use it a little, try to enter from time to time to make calls or send messages, so it will not be deactivated.

How to send empty message on WhatsApp

At first, it may seem a long and messy process, but as soon as we get it, we are aware that we have a virtual number with which to make calls and write messages for free without anyone detecting us, and all thanks to GrooVe IP.

Have you used any Groove IP-style app before to make calls and write free messages? Do you like this type of applications for calls and messages? What would you add to Groove IP?

Download Groove IP for Android :

GrooVe IP VoIP Calls & Text
GrooVe IP VoIP Calls & Text

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