Google pixel 2 camera quality: best camera phone of the year 2017

Google shows the quality of Google Pixel 2 camera to be the best of the year 2017.

Yesterday we could see the first opinions of Google Pixel 2 camera quality that the United States has already gone and can now test the device. Here we will still have to wait to try it, but we are starting to see how Google wants to demonstrate the potential of Google Pixel 2 camera portrait mode to compete with the iPhone 8.

Why Google Pixel 2 camera quality is best than others?

Google wants to be the manufacturer with the best smartphone of the year, and for that, has incorporated the best camera in a smartphone, according to DxOMark. This camera consists of a single sensor, no double camera, 12.2 megapixels with an f / 1.8 aperture. A normal sensor, but if we put it together with Google software, we’re going to find a lot of potential in it.

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Google wants that in its photographs, there is more “information” than in the cameras of the other mobiles, and with information refers to that the Google camera takes hundreds of photos in the short space of time that is taking out the mobile the photograph, and by means of an algorithm and it’s HDR +, it manages to gather all those photographs in a single one with the best clarity, correction of color and possible quality.

This is how Google portrait mode works. While the others do it thanks to a telezoom sensor which focuses on you and the other sensor is pending the background that fades, Google takes a single photograph composed of different photographs, which Google goes pixel by pixel seeing what element of the photograph has to be focused and which has to be blurred. All those makes Google Pixel 2 camera quality is the best than others.

Photographs with the Google Pixel 2 camera and its bokeh effect

Photo taken by Google Pixel 2 camera quality

The other day we saw an advance of the great camera of Pixel 2, but now we are going to really see what it can do. That is why Google has decided to share, now that the Pixel has already launched in some parts of the world, photographs with portrait mode have been doing to prove that yes, this terminal can compete with the iPhone 8 Plus in this regard.

Quality Photos taken by Google Pixel 2 camera

We are going to show you some of them here, but below you have the gallery with all of them, so you can see the quality of their photographs. In all the photos we see how they get an interpretation of 10 of the silhouette of the object or person focused, getting to match the terminals of Apple and Samsung. As soon as we have a moment, we will bring you the corresponding analysis so that you can see our opinions.

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