Google and Firefox 57.0.4 with security patches to Meltdown and Specter exploits

If you are someone who uses Firefox as an Internet browser, you must run this new Mozilla update (Firefox 57.0.4) that includes necessary security patches.

Expert cybersecurity experts Google Project Zero discovered security vulnerabilities “speculative execution” , which has been a technical technique used by most modern processors (CPUs) to optimize performance. This security flaw that allows is that web software can see contents of the kernel memory that is one of those that has access to passwords of all kinds.

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Keep in mind that Microsoft, Google or Apple has already implemented updates to solve this error or are in the process of publishing them in no time. So it is recommended that you update the operating systems, as it will have been published and you can update it directly.

Meltdown vulnerability

By entering into the matter, these two exploits called Specter and Meltdown infect not only the x86 CPUs of Intel and ARM it is said that it can also affect the AMD and POWER chips, so it is a global danger to take into account and update all the devices that are in our hand.

It is expected that the speed of the affected systems will decrease; we will have to be attentive and check how it affects us at this point.

Specter vulnerability

Google has published on its official blog commenting on this topic and is pronouncing solutions for this vulnerability in Google systems. They have updated affected systems and products to protect this new type of attack in addition to collaborating with manufacturers of hardware and software of the industry. They offer a list of affected Google products and how to temporarily mitigate it until the official coordinated announcement that they have it by January 9.

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Now software vendors are also performing updates to all their programs to be able to stop web-based execution vectors for the two Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities. Mozilla is another of those who just announced security patch for these types of attacks. It would be with Firefox (version 57.0.4) and disables JavaScript features that a hacker would need to run it.

To download the desktop version of Mozilla Firefox 57.0.4 on the official website we have the possibility to download and install it. Also for users of mobile devices that use Firefox can update to this latest version from Play Store:

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